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Learn a Decade’s Worth of Lighting Skills — In Only 4 Hours ftom Michael the Maven

michael andrew Michael the MavenIt took over 10 years for Michael Andrew to learn everything that he teaches you in his Lighting Crash Course videos. Then it took another 4 years to develop this award-winning lighting course. These videos were made so you don’t have to go through the same long learning process.

You’ll begin by learning the fundamentals and science behind light — Michael explains why understanding light is critical to taking great photos. Then, you’ll delve straight into advanced lighting techniques and concepts. This is an advanced course, so if you’re a newbie with the DSLR, then this course might not be right for you — but if you’re ready to make explosive progress in your photography, then get ready to be blown away by this lighting course by Michael the Maven

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The best part about the training videos of Michael Andrew is that he’s able to take complex ideas and explain them in a very easy to understand way. Each module includes reviews and quizzes to test you on the knowledge that you’ve just learned. With Michael’s training videos, you’ll be able to instantly absorb years of lighting and technical know-how.

This is a comprehensive, 3 hour and 45 minute course with a broad focus on many different genres of photography from Michael Andrew the Maven. You’ll learn how to light portraits, products, and landscapes using flashes, natural light, and studio lighting.


Lighting Crash Course Modules & Topic Breakdown

Module 1: What is Light

1. Intro

2. What Is Light?

3. Family of Angles

4. Its In The Eyes

5. How Polarization Works

6. What Is White Balance?

7. Golden Hour

8. Water Color

9. Quality of Light

10. Light Observations


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Module 2: Basic Light Control

11. 2 Types of Light

12. Inverse Law of Light

13. The 3 Control Rules

Module 3: Light Tools & Techniques

14. Light Meters, Incident vs Reflected Light

15. Camera as a Light Meter

16. Box Exercise

17. Planar Lighting Technique

18. Planar Lighting Rules

19. Simple Planar Lighting

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Module 4: Indoor / Studio Shooting

20. Studio Tour

21. Studio Lighting Gear

22. Setting Up Strobe Triggers

23. ETTL Triggers for Studio Strobes

24. 4 Way Lighting Set Up

25. Ratios

26. High Key Crash Course

27. One Strobe High Key

28. Light Modifiers

29. Short and Broad Lighting

30. Butterfly Lighting

31. Clam Shell Lighting

32. Group Shooting

33. Shooting Subject With Glasses

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Module 5: Product Shooting

34. Product Lighting Crash Course

35. Mini Photo Tent

36. Shooting Reflective Objects

37. Jewelry Box

38. Dark,Smooth,Round Objects

39. Shooting Glass with Black Background

40. Shooting Glass with Gap

41. Shooting Glass with White Background

42. Shooting Glass with Liquid

Module 6: Natural & Reflected Lighting

43. Complete Shade

44. Backlight Shooting

45. As The Eye Sees

46. Shadow Play

47. Advanced Planar Lighting

48. Trouble Shooting Sunset Shoot

49. Quiz

50. Outro

51. Credits


This is a must have from Michael Andrew the Maven

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