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Do you want a competitive advantage no other photographer has? A tool that immediately gives you photographs that no one else takes?

Maven adapter

Now that you’re properly excited. Let me introduce the heavy-duty Maven Adapter. What is it? Well, basically, it’s a multi-purpose ball head adapter that extends your shooting perspective, allowing you more angles, heights, and functions, you never had the chance to see before.

It works like this: one end of the tool attaches to a hardware pole (available at any local hardware store), and the other end attaches to your camera (tripod ball head required), go-pro, speedlight flash, or any other accessory that uses a hot-shoe mount. This let’s you take pictures at angles that no one else is capable of. Not to mention this is a great tool for DSLR video shooters.


By extending your camera’s reach, you can take pictures or videos like these:
NOTE: Mounting your camera requires a tripod ball head & hardware pole (both sold separately) to attach to the Maven Adapter. Triggering the camera while in the sky requires a remote trigger (sold separately), or wifi capabilities, or a 10-second timer (present on most cameras).


More Examples of What You Can Do With the Maven Adapter

Although the primary purpose of the Maven Adapter is to get your camera into crazy amazing angles that are usually impossible, there are some very cool secondary uses as well. Here’s the main things you can do with this nifty device.

Speedlite_adapter Mount Your Flashes & Umbrella: You can use it to mount your flashes like so. It’s great when you need to put your flash right above the model but don’t want your light stand in the shot. Or maybe you want to flash light on an object that’s a little higher than your light stand can reach. The Maven Adapter already comes with two hotshoe mounts so right out of the box you can attach your flashes to the device. The device also comes with a hole where you can attach your umbrella. You can also think of this device as a replacement flash bracket in emergencies.


Boom Pole for Videographers: If you shoot video content as well, you’re familiar with what a boom pole is. You use it to capture higher quality sound by getting your mic as close as possible to the actors. As long as your mic has a hotshoe mount, this would be a very inexpensive way to acquire a boom pole.

Go Pro Mount: The Maven Adapter includes a Go-Pro mount right out of the box so that you can get out-of-this-world amazing video footage if you own a Go Pro. Just think of the possibilities of what you could record if you could extend your reach by 12 feet or more.

Check out the video if you need to see more:
The Maven Adapter is nearly indestructible, it’s engineered with tightly-compressed nylon, making it strong enough to pull together almost every setup you can imagine. You’ll rig it your way. With no moving parts, you’re never limited to what bends and breaks. You’re given a full arsenal of options.

It was fashioned by a photographer when nothing else was offered. Made from a photographer’s own specific needs, designed to solve his own frustrations. You’re going to get an innovative way to shoot with more freedom, through more angles, high-up or down-low.

Filmmakers, Go-Pro maniacs, aerial photographers, experimentalists, photographers who know having the option to shoot from all angles is better than lacking all that you never reach. The Maven Adapter is your multi-purpose tool that’ll never leave you. Never quit. Never stop helping you.


What’s the fine print?

  • 3/8” Mounting Bolt with connecting washers is included
  • Recommended for rigs lighter than 7lbs
  • Heavy-duty nylon design
  • Fits most cameras and flashes – able to mount an umbrella
  • Ball head, pole, and tethers each sold separately
  • FREE US Shipping. $12 International shipping.

Disclaimer: Please read all instructions included. Liability is yours. Use at your own risk. Remember to follow all safety precautions and adhere to good sense. Never use near power lines or in crowds.


Here’s what people are saying about the Maven Adapter.
“Sometimes I come across an idea so brilliant I wonder: “Why didn’t I think of that?” The idea I’m talking about here is called the Maven Adapter, which connects a camera to the end of an extension pole (like the ones used for paint rollers or window cleaners). This is incredibly useful because it allows you to get your camera into all kinds of new perspectives: way up high, out the window of a moving car, extended out over the surface of some water, etc.” – Kimball Larsen

“The Maven Adapter is for all those camera and lighting angles that you cannot easily get to.” – Anthony Scott of Shom’s Photography

“I’m learning that photographers who use the Maven Adapter are more aggressive artistically. They are more willing to take risks and push past their comfort zones.” – Michael Andrew

“It’s a photographer’s Swiss Army knife.” Adam Pope

“Good product and glad I have it…” – Ken Fields


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