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Learn the retouching system used by one of the world’s top glamour retouchers

professional retouching
Playboy Playmate Jessica Burciaga. Retouched by Nick Saglimbeni.

Blow the mind of your clients, impress the hell out of your models, and completely puzzle your competition.

The Mastering Retouching videos will teach you the secret system used by one of the best retouchers in the world, Nick Saglimbeni.

Nick Saglimbeni has retouched over 150 magazine covers and has worked with the world’s most sought-after models & celebrities such as Playboy Playmate Jessica Burciaga (right). Over the years he’s developed his trademarked “SlickForce”  system, which he’s kept under lock and key until now.

“Nick’s photos are all to die for. So stunning, I am speechless. He really is the best. I love Nick Saglimbeni!”

 – Kim Kardashian

professional retouching
professional retouching

 In Mastering Retouching™, Nick shows you the same award-winning techniques that he uses on his magazine covers, celebrity shoots, and high-end commercials.

From start to finish, you’ll see how he approaches a retouching assignment and see exactly what tools he uses. Most importantly, you’ll see his top-secret “SlickForce” retouching technique.

These videos aren’t about applying a one-click action to achieve porcelain skin. It is an entire system that will arm you with the tools to handle any mastering retouching situation, from the simple fixes to the extreme problem areas.

Over time, not only will the methods taught in the series become second-nature, but you’ll notice that the techniques automatically adjust to your artistic style as well as your personal tastes.

You will learn:

  • The secret and trademarked “SlickForce” system used by Nick to retouch his magazine covers
  • How to achieve great-looking skin while avoiding the dreaded “plastic” look
  • Brutal mistakes that retouchers make and how you can avoid them
  • Solutions to even the most tough & impractical editing challenges
  • How easy it is to acquire the skills of a pro retoucher with the right guidance
  • Techniques that you can easily incorporate into your existing workflow
  • How to make a girl look naturally flawless as if the picture was never retouched

The package also includes the same high-res images that Nick uses so you can follow along with the retouch using the same exact images.

Mastering Retouching ™ has 7 different levels of instruction with each level building upon the previous level. The first level gets you acquainted with Photoshop, the tool of choice for Nick Saglimbeni, and then the subsequent levels delve right into his trademarked techniques.

Nick has a no-nonsense approach to teaching. Right from level 2, Nick jumps right into specifics of his “SlickForce” technique. Then you will get to see a complete retouch from start to finish using Nick’s trademarked techniques.

professional retouching

Here’s What Other Are Saying

I can honestly say that these techniques are incredible. Nick has done the IMPOSSIBLE by teaching high-end mastering retouching in a way that is simple and easy to understand. My work has improved so quickly, I now have models flying in from other states to shoot with me.”
Larry Cole, Photographer
“Are you kidding me?! I have NEVER seen anything like the steps and principles that Nick presents. Someone would simply have to dislike photography not to be completely blown away at his methods for mastering retouching photos.”
Dough Martin

In total you will get over 7 hours of intense instruction to take your retouching skills to the level of the pros. Start amazing your clients, models, friends, and family today by learning the techniques of Nick Saglimbeni.

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