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Author: Nick Saglimbeni


Take a boring studio image and turn it into a mind-blowing work of art.

The Mastering Compositing™ videos will teach you the compositing techniques used by Clint Davis.

Clint Davis is a professional art director who has worked with some of the world’s best photographers and models. His precise attention to detail makes his compositing techniques superior to the other “quick & dirty” photoshop composite tutorial that can be found on the web.

In Mastering Compositing™, He shows you the same award-winning techniques that he uses on his magazine covers, commercials, movie posters, and fashion spreads. You’ll be privileged to learn his precise compositing technique that produces amazing yet realistic works of art.

These videos go into extreme detail about the often misused art of compositing. The whole series is a comprehensive 5-part series that goes in-depth about each aspect of compositing. You’ll start off learning the basic tools needed for a composite, and then you’ll see several composites done by Clint Davis. At the very end, all the information will be put together to create a beautiful movie poster.

photoshop composite tutorial
photoshop composite tutorial

Course Highlights:

  • The necessary tools and how to use them – right in Photoshop
  • How to refine the edges on tricky hair
  • How to manipulate the environment by adding shadows, clouds, and artificial skies
  • Transforming a normal image into a fantasy world
  • Adding mood to your picture with fog, road cracks, and color filters
  • Changing the direction of light to make the composite more believable
  • Combine all the skills together to create a masterpiece

5 In-Depth Levels of Compositing Education

photoshop composite tutorial

Mastering Compositing™ has 5 different levels of instruction with each level building upon the previous level. The first level gets you acquainted with Photoshop, the tool of choice for Clint Davis, and then the subsequent levels delve right into his trademarked techniques.

clint davis
Clint Davis is still the only art director I trust to composite my images. Clint’s precision and attention to detail in the heavily-scrutinized print world make him the only person I would produce a compositing series with.”
– Nick Saglimbeni, Professional Photographer

The package also includes the same high-res images that Clint uses so you can follow along with the retouch using the same exact images.

It’s incredibly simple to follow what Clint is doing. He uses easy to understand language and the videos allow you to follow him exactly as you also work in Photoshop. However, basic knowledge of Photoshop is highly recommended before you delve into this course.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll be able to start compositing like a master if you learn from Clint’s photoshop composite tutorial.

photoshop composite tutorial
photoshop composite tutorial

In total you will get over 5 hours of intense instruction to take your compositing skills to the next level. Start amazing your clients, models, friends, and family today by learning the techniques of Clint Davis.

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Start amazing your clients, models, friends, and family today by learning the techniques of Clint Davis.


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