Mastering Composition & Visual Storytelling

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Author: Chris Weston
On The Conquest To Create Real Art?

Common wisdom states that your first 10,000 photographs are your worst, most veteran photographers would agree.

After taking thousands of photos, you finally start to see your images with the eyes of a true artist. At this moment, your photography moves from the realm of mere images to become a vibrant story.

If you’re just starting out, it may feel discouraging to realize that years of trial and error may lie ahead of you.

If only you could skip over all of that and jump to the place where you are creating real art.

Perhaps you have already invested in every kind of gear, equipment and software in an effort to achieve this goal more quickly.

But at its heart, masterful composition has nothing to do with tools or gear. It has everything to do with indefinable qualities like heart. Soul. Spirit.

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How can you get these things? Is there a course that teaches you, heart and soul? How could that even be possible?

There are plenty of courses available. These can teach you techniques and strategies. They can teach you how to use your camera more effectively. They can teach you how to navigate your favorite photo editing app.

But no course has succeeded in teaching budding photographers how to see the world differently. Until now…!

The Definitive Course On Mastering Composition

We offer you the Complete Photographer course on Mastering Composition.

The Course Includes:

  • 50 Video Tutorials
  • A 116-Page eBook
  • Lifetime Access
  • Any Device Access
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Topics Covered In This e-Book

  • Module 1: What you need to get the most from this course-
    Learn the surprising difference between a snapshot and a photograph.
  • Module 2: Defining the visual narrative-
    How to get ideas for photographic stories.
  • Module 3: Visualisation-
    How to know what you’re looking for in your photography.
  • Module 4: The three things every photographer should have-
    There are three “must-have” elements to every composition.
  • Module 5: The secret language of design-
    The five elements of design and how they affect the viewer.
  • Module 6: Light, contrast, form, & depth-
    Exploit light to create dramatic and authentic images.
  • Module 7: Composition in practice-
    Practical considerations such as camera angle, distance and position.
  • Bonus module: The creative mind-
    Learn how to develop the right mindset to see subjects creatively.

User Reviews About This Course

“EXTRAORDINARY!! Re-Watching 3-4 Times Or More!” – Jocsan Bonales A.

“This Course Is Fantastic. It Has Got Me Thinking Differently When It Comes To How I Will Approach My Photography. I’m Looking Forward To Putting It Into Practice” – 
Sandra J.

“If You’ve Ever Wondered Why Some Images ‘Work’ And Others Don’t, Look No Further. This Is A Great Course.”  –  
Alison R.

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A Photography Course Like No Other

It’s very easy to find a photography course about lighting, posing, post-production editing.

While these can give you a repertoire of helpful skills, all these skills mean nothing if you have not had the opportunity to develop the eye, mind, heart and soul of a true artist.

This is not something that can be easily taught. Some will tell you that it can’t be taught at all. In the past, we’ve assumed that we have to “pay our dues”…even if it means taking 10,000 photos before we finally get one we’re happy with. It’s almost become a “rite of passage:” that long tortuous path to refining our creative eye and artistic soul.

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This course gives you an amazing and radical opportunity. You can get those agonizing 10,000 pictures out of the way, and jump straight ahead to the place where you meet your full artistic potential.

Using creative mediums like Minions (yes, we said Minions), toppling pyramids and even Claude Monet, this course will take you to new heights of artistry you could only imagine before.

Unlock Your Photo Potential

Travel | Landscape | Pet | Sport | Architecture | Wildlife | Lifestyle | Portrait Fashion | Photojournalism | Street | Cityscape
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Get this life-changing course to begin mastering composition today!


Plus Price: $24

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