Lighting Asylum Video – Master Your Flash

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If you want to master your flashes, this lighting boot camp will help you achieve your goals

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Author: Mark Behrens

Learn Photography Lighting Techniques From Lighting Asylum that will make your Photos Look Phenomenal.

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Gain a complete understanding of light by learning with pro photographer Mark Behrens in this intense lighting bootcamp.

Once you learn the theory behind the great images, then you’ll start “seeing” how to capture stunning images every time you snap the shutter.

Truly Understand How To Use & Abuse Light

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There are too many photographers out there who don’t really understand light. They might be able to take good photos sometimes, but these photos usually only happen by chance.

Lighting Asylum doesn’t just tell you to place a light here and a light there like your average tutorial.

The goal is to give you a deep and complete understanding photography lighting techniques and lighting theory.

Be able to consistently create great images every time you set up your lights.

Perfect For The Beginning & Intermediate Photographer

For a beginner to intermediate photographer, this photography lighting techniques video is invaluable information that will accelerate your learning curve by leaps and bounds.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What are the 5 pillars of flash photography?
  • What makes a light softer or harder?
  • Why should you use flash instead of other lighting sources?
  • Why exactly is a “stop” of light?
  • What happens behind the scenes during Mark’s shoots?
His talent in post-processing is truly remarkable; defining a unique style that pales in comparison to anyone else’s. Mark is a true artist and you will surely enjoy working with him”
– Anonymous Customer
“For the very first time I feel I understand how to get the best lighting with my camera and I owe it to this class. Somehow the way Mark presented it in a way that got through to my head. Every one of Lighting Asylum classes has been great but this one reached a new level for me!!!!”
– Anonymous Customer
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Capture Stunning images every time
you snap the shutter

Learn from pro photographer Mark Behrens in this intense lighting bootcamp.

1 review for Lighting Asylum Video – Master Your Flash

  1. Thomas Geyer

    I have been to many of Mark’s workshops and thoroughly enjoyed his video’s. Before I met Mark I was afraid of flash and now I feel competent using it. His videos are fun and informative. It’s a shame that other reviewers would use this forum to spout their political views! 5 stars!

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