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Author: Toma Bonciu

The Logical Next Step In Your Journey

You’ve been taking photos for quite a while now but you feel like you want to improve? Editing is the next big step you should make towards photography greatness. Discover the world of Lightroom and your photos will start to stand out from the crowd, enrich your stills with dynamics, perspective and personality. From basic elements to editing, this course is a great journey to embark on for not just a beginner but also a intermediate and professional photographer. Learn Lightroom today!

3 Reasons To Learn Lightroom

  • Lightroom is built for photographers
    • If you are passionate about photography and want to make the first step towards professional photography, learning Lightroom is a great choice. This is because it is very easy to use and perfect for working with tons of pictures.
  • Strong searching and organizing
    • Lightroom does great at organizing. The catalogue is basically a database file where it becomes very easy for you to find your images. You can search by keywords, ISO, camera data or create groups for similar images.
  • Non-destructive workflow
    • One of the greatest things about Lightroom is that it does not modify the original image. Changes are stored, allowing you to go back to the original file anytime you want.

Here Is A Little Introduction Video!

The Stages Of The Lightroom Course

If you did not open Lightroom before, you do not have to worry. This course is perfect for everyone, as it starts with the basic elements and ranges till professional editing. It is important that you understand everything about Lightroom from the very beginning. This will make it way easier for you to deal with more complex tasks.

Library Module

The Library module is all about organizing one’s work. This is a very important stage, as photographers are used to taking hundreds of photos in one day and you will have to be able to organize them once that happens. There is nothing more frustrating than not finding the picture you are searching for.

In the beginning, you will find out how to index and filter your photos, using keywords or collections. If you want to have total control on your filtering options, you should also star, flag or color – which you will learn how to do it this first module.

Develop Module

If in the first part, you play around with organizing photos, in the Develop Module you will dive deep into Lightroom and all the magic it has to offer. What is more, you will go through the following modules: Web, Map, Slideshow, Book and Web.

Editing time

After the theoretical stages are finished, it’s time you embarked on a practical journey. Now that you master the great Lightroom knowledge, you should see a photographer at work, while editing. This is why the last module includes 7 more videos where 7 photos are edited. What is great about this stage is that you will be able to apply all the knowledge right away, on your own photos.

Here are the 7 case studies with Before & After samples

learn lightroom before & after
learn lightroom before & after
learn lightroom course 1
learn lightroom course 2
learn lightroom course 4
learn lightroom course 5
learn lightroom course 7
learn lightroom photo

Important Features

• Software used: Lightroom Classic CC
• Number of videos: 33
• Number of RAW files: 13 files for 7 case studies
• Duration: 4 Hours and 25 Minutes
• Size of the download archive: 2.12GB
• Format: Full HD .mp4 video files

About The Instructor

Toma Bonciu, known as Photo Tom on YouTube, is the course organizer. Toma is a landscape and travel photographer with over 10 years of experience. Just imagine how many tips and tricks you can learn from him, the one who has been gathering insights all this time!

This is not his first course. Toma has been organizing workshops, photo tours and editing classes for more than 5 years.

This course is a great chance to learn Lightroom and you shouldn’t miss it for anything in the world. It will definitely up your game and turn you into the photographer you always wanted to be.

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