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A resourceful approach to recreating professional landscape techniques with Lightroom Presets

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You love landscape photography. You’ve always had an eye for nature. Whenever traveling, you tend to note all the great scenery – making a list of places you’d love to come back to. If you could, you would spend all your time shooting. Out there. Alone. Just you and your camera.

But you also understand that your passion can take a lot of time and money. ND filters. Shutter releases. Tripods (that don’t give up on you). These are just the expected tools. If you ever plan on going professional, you know sooner or later you’ll have to make more expensive choices.

Plus, the editing. There’s that, too. If you’ve just started landscape photography, or now become a seasoned enthusiast, you know that some of the best shots don’t look too great in camera. Whether you plan to blend your exposures or HDR everything, you know you’ll have to do some editing at the end.

So what’s the smartest first-step to editing your landscapes? Buying all the greatest on-field accessories for a perfect in-camera shot is wonderful — if you’re a Nat-Geo professional. Some of us rather look for more resourceful options. For a first-step that’s right for us and our approach.

If that’s the case, then these 165+ Lightroom adjustment brush presets were made exclusively for improving landscape photographs. You’ll get that professional and expensive look without having to give an arm and leg for it. They are no-stress presets and brushes that will dramatically simplify your workflow.


What’s in the bundle? Why should I buy it?

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You’ll get over 147 timesaving adjustment brushes and 18 Lightroom adjustment brush presets. All developed specifically for landscape photography. It’s organized in 4 sets: 1-Click Develop Presets, Landscape Workflow Presets, Graduated Filter Presets, and Adjustment Brushes.

For the 1-Click Develop, you’ll get 20 unique presets to edit your landscape photos in a single click. In here, you’ll find your essential adjustments. They will affect your image all at once and are a good way to bring about large-scale adjustments, such a black-and-white conversion, Faux HDR, and tonal sharpening.

For the Landscape Workflow, you’ll get 100+ stackable presets to adjust a specific setting within Lightroom. You’ll get many options to fine-tune your edit, since each preset impacts only a single category. You’ll get options to soften colors, enhance blue skies, bring out green, and make your scenery pop.

For Graduated Filters, you’ll get 23 useful presets that replicate the effects of using ND filters on the field. And like just them, these presets will allow you to select how bright or dark you want a specific area of your photograph to be. They, of course, will work perfectly on sunsets and sunrises.

For Adjustment Brushes, you’ll get 18 precise Lightroom adjustment brush presets to work around difficult areas. They are designed to dodge and burn, adjust color temperature, desaturate, and add effects, like haze and selective b&w, at the convenience of a brush.

 To summarize:

lightroom adjustment brush presets - Lightroom Presets

  • 147+ timesaving presets to recreate the effects of ND filters and other landscape-specific techniques
  • 18 adjustment brushes to clean up and fine-tune your edits, designed specifically for landscape photography
  • Lightroom 4 & 5: Documentation is included to help you install and use the lightroom presets

3 reviews for Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets Bundle

  1. Angela P. Schapiro

    Sounds like a really good deal.

    • Megha Kendre

      I am sure you’ll love them 🙂

  2. [email protected]

    Are these compatible with lightroom CC/6?

    • Megha Kendre

      Hi tofamk,

      These presets are not compatible with CC/6

  3. Marc

    I see I am late to this discussion, but I am the creator of these presets and I wanted to point out that they ARE compatible with LR 6 and CC.

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