22 Landscape Photography Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Author: Anne McKinnell

Avoid these 22 landscape photography mistakes & immediately improve how you shoot landscapes


Serious about improving your landscapes? Have 30 minutes to spare? This freebie will help you shoot landscapes that avoid many of the genre’s most common mistakes, and it will take you fewer than 30 minutes to finish.landscape photography mistakes

In one quick read, you’ll get 22 lessons that will help you shoot a landscape as a veteran landscape photographer would. You’ll learn techniques that emphasize and magnify the environment. And also learn how to modify your visual instincts so that you avoid common mistakes.

Because isn’t that why common mistakes are common? Like shooting at eye level. Or putting everything in the center. There’s a natural urge to do things a certain way. To stand out, you’ll have see these traps and break out of
them. This freebie will teach you 22 ways to do that.

And it’s free for a limited time. We hope all of you now avoid these 22 landscape photography mistakes enjoy it. And if you’ve never shot landscapes before, this is a great introduction to getting started!

1 review for 22 Landscape Photography Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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