Jeff Rojas’s Hustle Like An Artist: A Guide to Starting Your Photo Business


35 pages on starting fast & executing common-sense marketing

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Author: Jeff Rojas

Ever found yourself slacking off because you didn’t know what to do?

What would happen if you started a business completely unprepared?

With this guide, you’ll get a clear roadmap of tasks that prevent you from wasting time & energy

When you’re focused, you feel like you’re on top of the world. Hours pass suddenly, and things you had to do get done. But let’s not pretend that getting focused happens easily. Quick poll: How many of you guys are already on your third or fourth cup of coffee . . . ?

Most times, you treat getting focused like a superstition. You develop rituals even though you know they’re crazy. You play the song that helped you get in the mood last time. Or you change your posture so that you’re more comfortable and relaxed.

When it doesn’t come, you procrastinate. You watch youtube videos. You read. You research. You get up for another cup of coffee. The last one, you say. After enough time, you pray for a focus that feels like panic.

But panic makes you forget to turn off the iron when you’re late for work. And it also makes you rush through things that should have been done long time ago. So how do you avoid this sort of unfocused focus?

If you’re somebody who prides themselves on working hard, you already know the answer. The best way to fight against slacking off is to keep yourself prepared. You work harder and harder when you’re working with a clear set of goals and priorities.

You don’t procrastinate because you already have a plan of attack. It’s called hustling. And if this sounds even remotely interesting to you, then you’ll have to read Jeff Rojas’s Hustle Like An Artist.

With it, you’ll learn how to run a photo business like those startups in San Francisco. Researching what’s marketable when nobody’s doing it. Learning how to capitalize on social media when nobody’s mastered it. Studying how to run a business, even though it’s laughed at.

In these 35 pages, you’ll learn what it really takes to become a working photographer. You’ll learn things to do before you start. While learning how to pitch and get clients. At the end, with it all, you’ll turn your art into a sustainable and money-making business.

And we’re really excited to share this awesome ebook with you, but it’s a limited-time promotion. So it won’t last long! If you’re looking to start your photo business, you better hurry and buy this now!

How do you entice somebody to hire you? How do you sell your work?

Sneak peek of the photo business book

Photo business guide details

Sure, you can always work harder than everybody else. But you can also work smarter. Working smarter is the essence of hustling. And that’s why I’m excited to share this ebook with you. With it, you’ll learn things like:

  • Editing your portfolio to include your best work
  • Conducting market research
  • Targeting the right demographic
  • Crafting your brand identity
  • Finding your first few clients

Few photographers actually know what it means to stand out in today’s market. You’re different. You’re reading this on your phone. You know that building a business means mastering email marketing, SEO, brand research, etc…

But if you don’t, don’t worry. This photo business ebook is for you, too. With it, you’ll learn the fundamentals of running a photography business in today’s internet culture. You’ll also learn how to close deals, pitch clients, and sell your work to anybody. If you’re ready, then all you have to do is read it.

Want to do your homework before starting your business?

Get a plan of attack that works immediately. Craft a specialized niche. Learn to dominate your market.


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