James Maher’s Creative Freelance Marketing Strategies

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250+ pages on creating a brand with unmistakable personality

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Author: James Maher

Does talking about your work make you uncomfortable?

How about networking? It that stressful too?

In this comprehensive e-book, you’ll learn marketing techniques that make selling your work feel second nature & true to you

How often have you wished you were a social butterfly? I mean, you definitely know you’re not shy, but there’s just something about meeting people.

It feels forced. Plus, you never liked giving introductions, anyway. Remember intros at the beginning of school? You always hated them.

photography marketing plan

Thing is, now you’re a working artist, and you’re starting to see the same thing you saw back then. The people who grab the most attention are the same ones who love meeting people and talking about themselves. You know the type. The ones who talk with firm conviction and honesty.

photography marketing plan for new artists

How did they become so confident? How are some artists able to sell themselves no matter where they go?

Put them in an elevator with a dealer or a curator and they’ll walk out with a commission and a show. They always have a photography marketing plan ready. Is that something you want? Confidence, poise, and ease with talking about your work?

What does this have to do with marketing?

In a nutshell, that’s what I learned the most in James Maher’s newest ebook Creative Freelance Marketing.

Instructive. Wise. Honest.

It’s a 276-page ebook that doesn’t promise 1000s of followers in a year after reading it.

Instead, what it does show you is the day-to-day mechanics of getting noticed. Awaken you to the idea that marketing yourself boils down to gaining credibility with an audience who trusts you. Credibility gained by giving shape to the real human being behind the work.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share this in-depth ebook with you.

It will give you the perfect photography marketing plan.

With it, you’ll overcome self-defeating ideas about being an artist. Ones that say you shouldn’t take yourself seriously. Or that you must be humble and self-deprecating to be successful.

In its 250+ pages, you’ll find not only practical techniques on using social media, promoting content, and contacting galleries, artists, and art shows, but also insightful advice on reframing how you present your work.

You learn to treat everything you do as a way to introduce yourself firmly and with full force.

photography marketing plan

If you’re ever been uncomfortable talking about your work or networking at all, after reading this ebook, you’ll finally get the nerve to speak up and make connections both in real life and digitally with actionable, down-to-earth insights and a workable & effective photography marketing plan.

What will I learn in this ebook, exactly?

Beyond crucial, need-to-know essentials on starting a social media campaign or pulling emails through your website, you’re going to learn how to think clearly about what marketing means to you and your work. Moreover the book focuses on developing a full proof photography marketing plan for you.

Also included in the ebook are nine interviews with talented creative professionals in various fields. You’ll learn from Ann Rea, an artist and art business coach, and Corwin Hiebert, a photography marketing expert, as they both talk about what they’ve learned working with creatives and photographers of all types.

You’ll learn from Nicolina Johnson, Ben Umanov, who both grew successful global artistic businesses from the ground-up. Peter Hurley breaks down how he built his coveted photography brand, and Penelope Trunk explains how she grew the largest online individual career blog in the world.

Josh Shank, Bruce Clarke, and Phillip Van Nostrand fill things out with stories on how they built their own niche creative and photography businesses.

But remember these interviews are included on top of everything James Mahler explains.

Here’s a table of contents to give you an idea of how you’re going to work around with your photography marketing plan with the help of this ebook – 

Again, it’s been one of the most inspiring books I’ve read about making a living with creativity. I’m really excited to share with you. Read below for an idea of what’s covered.

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Here’s What People Are Saying About This Ebook

“Whether you’re a seasoned creative artist or you’re just starting out, if you want to enjoy sustainable growth and success without resorting to begging, discounting or any other undermining tactics, Creative Freelance Marketing is an absolute must read. This is without question the most comprehensive, most practical and most non-hyped work-in-the-real-world road-map to building a highly successful freelance business I’ve ever read. The reality is there is no magic bullet to success. It requires sustained effort. And in this ground breaking book, James completely sidesteps any hype and instead focuses on the most powerful nuggets that together will give you the best chance of being paid what you’re truly worth. When you consider how much not knowing these battled tested strategies is costing you in lost revenue, investing in this success plan is an absolute no brainer.”

Angelo Ioanides
Editor, Extraordinary Vision Magazine

I’m sending this to every single business that asks me what they should be doing on digital. It’s textbook. I kept saying someone needs to make this, and you did.”

Eli Lippman
Director of Audience Development for American Media

“If you’re just getting started in the photography business, or if you are looking to improve your existing business, then this book is a go-to resource. It gives a perfect photography marketing plan to photographers. James covers an entire freelance photography business from the top down. The book gets your head in the right mindset and gives you examples of what to look out for, what to look and how to adapt. My favorite thing about the book is James isn’t just offering advice – he’s offering actionable advice, with real-world examples. This book is a must have for anyone trying to make it as a freelance photographer.”

Scott Wyden Kivowitz
Photographer, Educator, and Community & Blog Manager at Imagely

What will I learn?

  • What to do before you begin marketing
  • Creating a website
  • Pricing and revenue streams
  • Promoting correctly
  • Sales and growing your client base
  • The importance of personal projects
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Researching for opportunities
  • Guest blogging, teaching, and promoting content
  • A marketing and creative business reading list
  • Interviews with Peter Hurley, Ben Umanov, Penelope Trunk, Ann Rea, Josh Shank, Corwin Hiebert, Nicolina Johnson, Bruce Clarke, and Phillip Van Nostrand
  • And so much more!

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With this ebook, you’ll learn how to always stand out. And always have a way to sell yourself.

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    Great ideas, a very informative read!

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