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There is nothing quite as enticing to the soul of a photographer than the possibilities of a great image composite editor.

Composite photos open up the unlimited potential to the imagination. What if you could add sunbeams to the ambient light to change the mood of the photo? Or instantly add personality to a boring photo with an edgy grunge look? All these possibilities and much more are available to you through the magic of PhotoShop. So why are you not taking advantage of them?

One problem is a lack of time. Mastering the many PhotoShop tools necessary to create stunning composite photos is a lengthy trial-and-error process. And when you’re running a photography business, time is money.

And that brings us to the next problem: money. Purchasing the tools and training you need can take a huge chunk out of your bottom line which may be difficult to earn back.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create any composite photo you could imagine…with just one click?

Well, now you can.

image composite editor

The image composite editor you’ve been waiting for…

image composite editor

StudioMagic puts five spectacular tool sets at your immediate disposal, allowing you infinite possibilities for creation.

For example, you can add clouds, moon, stars, or even a rainbow to a dull sky to instantly take your photos from dull to intriguing. Or you can instantly create compelling images of water or mirror reflections.

These are just a few of the stunning options available in this package.

The tools are built right into PhotoShop panels to give you incomparable ease of use. They are 100% compatible with Photoshop CS5-CS6 as well as all of Adobe CC-CC2018 +.

The ability to accomplish hours of work in just one click will be a huge asset to novices as well as seasoned professionals. It will eliminate the novice’s costly learning curve and simplify the expert’s workflow to increase efficiency.

Just imagine wowing prospective customers as you demonstrate the magic of transforming their photos from the ho-hum to the extraordinary right before their eyes. They will find your magic irresistible.

image composite editor

A few more examples…







A magical deal that won’t last long

image composite editor

This all probably sounds too good to be true. And in a way, it is.

It would cost hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars to purchase the equivalent tools and training anywhere else.

You don’t have to do that, though. This package only costs $249 from PhotoWhoa.

And even better: right now, you can purchase StudioMagic at a whopping 80% discount, at a price of just $49.95.

That’s a truly magical deal on a magical product. But like any kind of magic, it won’t be around for long. You can access this amazing bargain only during the month of March. After that, it will vanish like that sunbeam which faded before you could capture it with your camera.

The StudioMagic earned a five-star review from PhotoShop User magazine By Scott Kelby

Read the full review here

Here are some of the things that other users are also saying.

“StudioMagic is magically easy and intuitive to understand and use. Opens up so many doors to my creativity. Saves so much time compositing! Thanks for such a brilliant product!”Kathy Hanson, portrait photographer

“I just wanted you to know that LayerCake’s StudioMagic has opened up shiny new vistas to my image making! Its possibilities are endless and give me the freedom to think beyond what I see from the image I capture in my camera. Thank you for your wonderful product. It is a ton of new ideas” -Penelope P. Palumbo, professional photographer

“StudioMagic has allowed me to make my ordinary images into great images. The application really takes my vision for an image and makes it a reality. It’s so fast and intuitive.” -Walter Wright, professional wedding photographer

What will you get?

StudioMagic 1 and StudioMagic 2 plugins.

StudioMagic plugin includes the following toolsets:

  • Enviro: to add photo effects for different seasons
  • LightingEffex: to create effects that mimic those of natural light
  • Reflections: for nuanced images of water and mirror reflections
  • Compositor: to easily add popular image enhancements like a moon, a rainbow, or lightning
  • HyperZap: to give photos a contemporary edge using Color Pop or Grunge Boost effects


  • Photoshop CS5-CS6
  • All of Adobe CC-CC2018 +
  • The plugin does not work with Photoshop Element

Don’t Let This Magical Image Composite Editor Escape You! Capture It Today.

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Gavin Phillips has been a Photoshop teacher, plugin developer and digital artist for over 20-years. Gavin likes to show digital artists all the creative and business advantages of Photoshop. How to get Photoshop working for you!

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