HDR Pro 7: Create A Masterpiece In Any Situation

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HDR Pro: A professional photo editing software you were waiting for!

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Author: Franzis
hdr pro

Want To Make Your Captures More Edgy?

Spending your time capturing that perfect moment, but still, it doesn’t seem even half as good as what it could look like. Is the thing that drives you towards HDR photography.

HDR photography not just allows you to edit the capture for color, saturation, etc. but also for sharpness, denoising, and many other things.

Here is a product that’ll offer you things beyond your imagination, with the ease of a great UI.


Presenting The HDR Pro 7 Professional

HDR pro

Top Highlights Of The HDR Pro 7

Here is a summary of some of the most important features of the HDR Pro 7 professional:

  • 4K support for the program interfaces
  • Image alignment according to subject type: Landscape, architecture and many more
  • Color-exact tone mapping for clear and realistic color rendering
  • 8 digital color filters for selective simulation of chromatic photo filters
  • 5 new HDR distribution presets guaranteeing optimal utilization of image light information
  • Enhanced tools – more presets, more filters, redesigned styles
  • Best results with minimal effort
  • Optimized for individual images and image series, with or without tripods
  • Standalone version and plugin for Adobe® Lightroom Classic® and Photoshop®
  • Enhanced performance efficiency
  • WINDOWS & MAC system software
HDR pro

New Automations

  • Automatic File Save with or without cropping edits
  • Automatic File Save in maximum resolution
  • Automatic Grain Engine reset capabilities
  • File Save extensions added to the file name in batch-processing can now be optionally deactivated
  • Information dialogues display on/off
  • Automatic Denoise Optimisation on/off
HDR pro

System Requirements

The plug-in functionality is currently not supported by macOS 10.15 (Catalina).



  • Windows 10/8/7, 64 Bit, Processor Intel I5, 4 GB HDD, 2 GB HDD,1.280 x 1024 Pixels Screen Resolution, Graphic Card: DirectX-8-compatible, 128 MB, 32 bit colour depth
  • Mac OS X ab 10.7, 64 Bit, Processor Intel/G5, 4 GB HDD, 2 GB HDD, 1.280 x 1024 Pixels Screen Resolution



  • Windows 10/8/7, 32 Bit, Processor Core Duo, 2 GB HDD, 2 GB HDD, 1.280 x 1024 Pixels Screen Resolution, Graphic: DirectX-8-compatible, 128 MB, 32 bit colour depth
  • Mac OS X ab 10.7, 64 Bit, Processor Intel/G5, 2 GB HDD, 2 GB HDD, 1.280 x 1024 Pixels Screen Resolution

What Impact Does The HDR Pro 7 Have On The Stills


hdr pro
hdr pro
hdr pro


hdr pro
hdr pro
hdr pro

Check Out Some User Reviews For The HDR Pro 7

HDR pro
HDR pro
HDR pro

Drastically Transform Your Efforts With The HDR Pro 7 

With the change in technology & extraordinary results that we all envision, it’s tough to keep up in the race!

Or maybe not! The HDR Pro 7 for professionals is a Software that will have your back in all your creative excursions!

Can it get any better? Yeah, it can!

You get this amazingly comprehensive Software with a guide to use it at just $39!

HDR pro

Use The Software That Professionals Use!

Grab The HDR Pro 7 Now!

$39.00 Read more

4 reviews for HDR Pro 7: Create A Masterpiece In Any Situation

  1. Miguel

    If you are looking for a toy that produces HDR-like results through a collection of presets and few fine adjustments, stay away from this powerful German tool, aimed at users who know what they want from an HDR factory. There are adjustments that you didn’t even know existed. There is, of course, a vast collection of presets, each enabling improvements, depending on the unique factors of YOUR photo. You can have control over the decomposition of the original photo in the three layers of HDR production, obtaining more refined results. You can adjust where you want to sharpen, where you want to blur, where you want the shadow, where you want the light and how you want the colors. Each of these items has a series of fine adjustments. I can say that this software is, in fact, teaching me the meaning of the HDR photo. If that’s what you want, this software is for you. One thing is definitely clear: that is an unique software. You will not see another tool that, which takes the production of the HDR effect so seriously.

  2. Jean

    excellent logiciel pour affiner vos photos et en faire des chef-d’oeuvres

  3. Chuck Schang

    Product was difficult to work at first, but persistence and patience gave way to a good product.

  4. Ryeshone

    Loving it

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