SLR Lounge’s HDR Photography Workshop


140 videos that revisit HDR’s untapped potential

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Author: SLR Lounge

Is it too soon for a HDR revival?

Don’t laugh if we say HDR might be misunderstood.

There’s undervalued power in HDR that almost nobody knows about . . .

Right now you’re probably thinking no. Hell no. HDR is something I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

And, to be fair, I would have agreed with you. I never understood why anybody would want their photographs to look so over-processed, over-saturated, and, worst of all, fake.

But what if all the ridicule that you’ve heaped on HDR has blinded you from learning what it can actually do? What if HDR can help you and you never gave it a chance?

Pye Jirsa, managing editor of SLR Lounge, saw past all the jokes and ridicule that clings to HDR like a bad haircut to think about it objectively. He began wondering whether HDR had ever been taught and used correctly in the first place.

Instead of seeing HDR as a final approach, an editing technique that overwrites everything you do in camera, he tried seeing it as a landscape photographer would see a graduated filter.

HDR could be a tool, he figured, that aids and complements how a photographer shoots a scene if only used in the right way. It shouldn’t be some fancy veneer that you slap on because you can

In these 140 videos, you’ll learn Jirsa’s tactful approach to using HDR that brings detail to your highlights and shadows realistically. In over 10 hours, you’ll work through 25 full HDR images from start to finish while learning the ins and outs of HDR photography.

After this HDR photography Workshop, you’ll be able to shoot-

  • Bracketed HDR Photography
  • Night Time HDR Photography
  • Single Shot HDR Photography
  • Panoramic HDR Photography
  • Black and White HDR Photography

Normally, SLR Lounge workshops like these cost around $89 or higher. But for this exclusive deal, you’ll get HDR Photography Workshop for only $49.

Click here to start learning a true-to-life approach to HDR!

It’s time you use HDR’s power without making anything look “HDR”

Call me crazy but I’m willing to try anything once. So even though HDR might be the big bad boogey man in photography, if it helps, I’m still willing to give it a shot. I mean, what it was originally developed for wasn’t so bad.

High dynamic range photography first made news for dramatically improving how you could expose the darkest and brightest areas of your photograph. That’s it. Isn’t so sacrilegious, right? If you’re a landscape photographer, you already do this in a way with physical graduated filters.

It goes back photography’s desire to match what your eyes see. With over 10 hours and 140 videos, you’ll learn how to bring detail to both the darkest and lightest areas of your photo without making it look noticeably worked over.

It’s HDR power without HDR embarrassment.

This was designed from the ground up to educate you on how to create beautiful and realistic HDR photographs that works within your own ways of shooting. Whether you are a professional photographer or an avid enthusiast, this course will guide you through every step of creating amazing HDR photographs from prep to post.

What’s included in the workshop?

  • 10 hours of video instruction
  • Start-to-FInish Examples with RAW Exercise Files
  • 3 Photomatix Presets: Our 3 foundation HDR presets for Photomatix
  • Lightroom Presets & Brushes: A sample collection of HDR Develop and Brush Presets from the SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset System that are applicable to HDR Photography.

Given up on HDR because your friends said it’s not cool?

HDR has been ridiculed enough. It’s time you take advantage of its untapped power.


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