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An In-Depth Online Course for Digital Photography


Going back to school is fun… as long as you’re learning photography!

Books and videos are great, but the #1 way to learn photography is with practice and mentorship. By being forced to go out in the field and practice what you learned, you’ll be able to quickly improve your skills. Having a professional photographer tell you “why a photo is awesome” or “why a photo sucks” will also drastically speed up your improvement.

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Digital Photography Course by foto-classes

Digital Photography Course¬†classes are usually expensive and incredibly time-consuming. For many new photographers, it’s unrealistic to enroll in a real-world class. But with an online course, you get an inexpensive alternative to a real-world class. Work through the coursework at your own pace and receive excellent mentorship from top-notch professional photographers.

  • Develop your skills by practicing from the exercises and assignments
  • Get feedback and support from your dedicated tutor and our student support team
  • Learn to master your digital camera’s features
  • Learn the techniques for creating beautiful photos
  • Learn to gain full control over the look of your image
  • Get the knowledge you need from our cutting edge class material
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If you want to learn photography, then there is no better way than to learn from this group of talented professional photographers. For a very limited time, enroll in online photography classes for only $149.

A professional photographer as your own private tutor!

When you enroll in the Digital Photography course by foto-classes, you’ll get access to one of the six amazing photography tutors. Every tutor is also a professional photographer that is as passionate about teaching photography as they are taking photographs.

The tutor will monitor your progress through the course and provide valuable feedback as you turn in your assignments. What sucks? What works? How can this photo be improved? These questions will all be answered by your private tutor. This is invaluable no matter what level you’re at. With proper criticism, your photography will improve at a great pace.

At any time during your enrollment, you’ll have unlimited e-mail access to your instructor. After the 2nd and 5th classes, you’ll have a scheduled Skype call with your instructor for live tutoring and help.

Foto-Classes Course Outline

The Foto-Classes online course consists of five different self-paced classes, each with in-depth assignments. What will you learn in each class?

Class 1: Getting Started

  • How the human eye sees
  • Point & Shoot camera overview
  • DSLR camera overview
  • Compact Interchangeable Lens camera overview
  • Shooting in Auto Mode
  • Understanding focal length
  • Shutter speed explained
  • Using Scene Modes
  • Snapshot Tips
  • Image sensor overview
  • Viewfinders compared
  • Understanding lenses
  • Configuring your camera
  • Camera handling, care & maintenance
  • Data storage options

Class 2: Exposure

  • What is exposure and how is it controlled
  • Depth of field and how to use it creatively
  • Understanding focus and focusing modes
  • White Balance and how to use it effectively
  • Using ISO and how to avoid noise
  • How to use your light meter effectively
  • Understanding exposure compensation
  • Reading and interpreting histograms
  • Understanding EXIF files
  • How to use bracketing

Midcourse Review: Talk to your tutor!

After submitting your assignment for class 2, you will have a one-to-one 30 min virtual session with your dedicated tutor. Your tutor will call you and discuss with you the points covered in the previous classes, address all your questions, provide feedback on your work and share with you their tips, what it took him/her years of experience as a professional photographer to learn.

Class 3: Composition and Lighting

  • Learning to really see rather than just look
  • Finding a subject
  • Depth of field
  • Image balance
  • Rule of thirds
  • Geometry and lines
  • Background and foregrounds
  • Composing light and dark
  • Experimenting
  • Controlling available light
  • Diffusing sunlight
  • Differentiating between broad and narrow lighting
  • Using an external flash and it’s different modes
  • Using fill flash
  • Bouncing flash light

Class 4: Image Manipulation

  • Reading a histogram
  • Understanding and adjusting “Levels”
  • Dealing with data loss
  • Understanding and adjusting “Curves”
  • Recognizing and correcting color casts
  • Adjusting hue, saturation and vibrance
  • Using Photoshop’s B&W command
  • Sepia Toning
  • Channel Mixing
  • Desaturating
  • Split Toning
  • Refining Contrast

Class 5: Shooting

  • Shooting for black & white
  • Shooting Infared
  • Stable Shooting
  • Shooting Landscapes
  • Shooting Panoramas
  • Shooting for Collaging
  • Shooting Macro
  • Shooting HDR
  • Shooting Concerts & Live Performances
  • Shooting Events
  • Shooting Sports
  • Street Shooting
  • Shooting at Night
  • Underwater Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Using filters

Final Review: Talk to your tutor!

After submitting your assignment for class 5, you will have a one-on-one 30 min live session with your dedicated tutor. Your tutor will call you and discuss with you the points covered in the previous classes, address all your questions, provide feedback on your work and share with you some additional tips. Moreover, as this is the end of the course, your tutor will discuss with you how to best keep on developing your photography skills beyond this class and what the best next steps might be for you.

This Digital Photography course by foto-classes is designed to help break down the barriers that prevent you from taking great photos. By removing the technical obstacles one by one, you will be on your way to being a better photographer. Let Foto-Classes help you develop your inner photographer to its full potential!


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