Lightroom Presets: The Fashion Magazine Series

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Want to give your photos the “fashion” look with lightroom presets?

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If you ask any photographer which genre they get the most inspiration from, most, I think, will say fashion. Why does everyone like fashion? Because, unlike slobs like me, they spend as much money as possible on understanding how fashion actually works – in real life.

They’re ahead of the curve because they spend their whole life understanding the visual power of color, pattern, and tone. It’s the same with fashion photographers. Behind every fashion editorial is a lifetime of pre-production, shooting, and editing, specifically for fashion magazine shoots.

If you don’t have a lifetime to edit, these 29 fashion lightroom presets will get you as close as possible to that elusive fashion look. They were developed only after Cristina researched which color palettes and editing styles the fashion industry most relied on.

So if you’re inspired by fashion photography, or want to speed up your editing workflow, these 29 presets might be perfect for you.


What’s will I get? Why should I buy these lightroom presets?

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You’re going to get 29 presets that work with Lightroom 4 and above. Each preset attempts to replicate the finishing edits, colors, and looks you see in all the high-end fashion Lightroom presets. Some will go for the W look (sleek, modern, clean), others the ELLE (cool, vibrant, brilliant) – while some a combo of it all.

If you want more lightroom presets, and want them to look like those photos you see in high-end fashion magazines, you might want to check these fashion lightroom presets out. You might find your next favorite look.

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