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Learn the secrets to creating beautiful and compelling photography from Craft & Vision

Great photographers hone their art for years and dedicate countless hours to getting the perfect shot. Only with this experience do they know exactly how to achieve their photographic vision and create breathtaking photos.

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Craft & Vision e-books are dedicated towards supercharging your photography skills by sharing the hard-won experience of leading photographers. Their e-books are to-the-point, full of vivid examples, and packed full of information.

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Craft & Vision e-books use case studies to show you exactly how to create a great photo. One example to the right illustrates a beautiful motion blur technique with a professional photo. After learning exactly how this image was taken, you are then challenged to apply it to your own images to great effect. This hands-on approach makes it fun, easy, and very effective to create amazing photography.

“Hands down, this e-book [is] what every photographer needs. Not focused on equipment or gadgets. Just thought-provoking ideas and lessons. Do the lessons. It’s worth it!”
Darlene about Ten More
“Insightful and succinct information that is easy to read. The photographs are well matched to the subject and inspirational for any photographer.”
Jim Goldstein about Chasing the Look

Selected e-books included in Craft & Vision bundle

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2-01Free the mind, free the camera
2-02Ten ways to improve your photography
2-03Improve your photography even more
2-04Create a unique look in your photos
2-05Learn to create stronger images
2-06Develop your photographic creativity
2-07Learn more about creative photography
2-08Discover great photos in your backyard
2-09Learn the vision of black and white
2-10Learn the craft of black and white
2-11Nine inspiring B&W examples
2-12Discover and refine your vision
2-13The power of black and white
2-14Create deep and engaging photos
2-15Grow your photography with creativity
2-16Introduction to off-camera flash
“One of the best photography books I’ve ever read… the fact that he’s able to teach us how to start developing our own vision in 24 pages (mostly covered with photographs) is amazing. Photographer’s vision (the book and the real thing) is a must-have.”
Michal Fanta on The Vision Driven Photographer
“I pretty much read everything David writes and love all of it. He’s so passionate about what he does and that comes across loud and clear. He’s also not into buying a bunch more gear to be a better photographer and this book is another example of that. Well done!”
Darlene Hildebrandt about A Deeper Frame
2-1710 steps to better portraits
2-18Exposure for outdoor photography
2-19Printing techniques for digital photos
2-20More about creative photographic vision
2-21Actionable ways to improve your photos
2-22Introduction to creative composition
2-23Advanced use of off-camera flash
2-24Notes on creativity for photographers
2-25Microstock: from passion to paycheck
2-26Photographer’s guide to capturing mood
2-27Understanding light at the edges of day
2-28Landscapes in the digital darkroom
2-29Photographing the mist-shrouded Andes
2-30Learn reflection techniques
2-31Capture and processing Iceland photos
2-32Learn to take artistic winter photos
2-33Tell a story with challenging images
2-34Techniques with photos from Venice
2-35Gear and vision for awesome photos
2-36Tips and tricks from a safari shoot


“What a great value. The breakdown of the lighting elements, the behind the scenes shots and lighting diagrams combined with multiple variations of the same image make learning very easy and effective.”
Joshua Lynn on Making Light II
“How to be creative is not something that can be taught, but it can be nurtured… this is it. The Inspired Eye will get you thinking about photography and the creative process in general.”
Jim Goldstein about The Inspired Eye I

Read one of these books and make your photography noticeably better in a very short period of time. Read all of them and have all the information you need to become a master photographer.

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