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Lighting Crash Course by Michael the Maven

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Learn Portrait and Product Lighting in a flash!

Learn the fundamentals of lighting a photo

Get a master crash course in lighting from Michael the Maven.

Master your lighting. Master your shot.

If you’re like many new photographers, you’re probably out there changing your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO without knowing what you’re really doing. Sometimes you’ll get a good photo, and sometimes you won’t.

The difference between you and a pro is that the pro knows exactly how to adjust his shot to the perfect exposure.

And sometimes you don’t want it to be perfectly exposed. Maybe you want certain highlights are blown out or certain areas to be black. Maybe you want a shadow to be harsher or softer. Maybe you’d like to get a really cool looking lens flare.

No matter what you want to achieve in your photo, this different lighting techniques Photography course will teach you how to do it. Once you master your lighting, the sky is the limit for your photo.

different lighting techniques
different lighting techniques

14 years in the making…

Michael Andrew has been taking photographs for over 2 decades, and his dedication to his craft shows. This photography lighting techniques course spans over 10 years of Michael’s learning, and you’ll get the best content condensed for you in a comprehensive lighting course.

Start by learning the fundamentals and science behind light — this part is something that most photographers don’t know, but once you do, you’ll be 10x better at photography.

Then you’ll learn more of the technical side of things. How to master the controls on your camera so you can translate the image in your head into your camera.

The best part about Michael’s different lighting techniques training videos is that he’s able to take complex ideas and explain them in a very easy to understand way. Each module includes reviews and quizzes to test you on the knowledge that you’ve just learned. With Michael’s training videos, you’ll be able to instantly absorb years of lighting and technical know-how.

This is a comprehensive, 3 hours and 45-minute course with a broad focus on many different genres of photography from Michael the Maven. With different lighting techniques, you’ll learn how to light portraits, products, and landscapes using flashes, natural light, and studio lighting.

This is considered an intermediate to advanced course, although Michael does touch on the basics. But if you’re a newbie with the DSLR, then this course might not be right for you.

Take a look at the different lighting techniques

See what you get inside this comprehensive course spanning 6 modules.


  •  Intro
  •  What Is Light?
  •  Family of Angles
  •  It’s In The Eyes
  •  How Polarization Works
  •  What Is White Balance?
  •  Golden Hour
  •  Water Color
  •  Quality of Light
  •  Light Observations


  •  2 Types of Light
  •  Inverse Law of Light
  •  The 3 Control Rules


  •  Light Meters, Incident vs Reflected Light
  •  Camera as a Light Meter
  •  Box Exercise
  •  Planar Lighting Technique
  •  Planar Lighting Rules
  •  Simple Planar Lighting


  •  Studio Tour
  •  Studio Lighting Gear
  •  Setting Up Strobe Triggers
  •  ETTL Triggers for Studio Strobes
  •  4 Way Lighting Set Up
  •  Ratios
  •  High Key Crash Course
  •  One Strobe High Key
  •  Light Modifiers
  •  Short and Broad Lighting
  •  Butterfly Lighting
  •  Clam Shell Lighting
  •  Group Shooting
  •  Shooting Subject With Glasses


  •  Product Lighting Crash Course
  •  Mini Photo Tent
  •  Shooting Reflective Objects
  •  Jewelry Box
  •  Dark,Smooth,Round Objects
  •  Shooting Glass with Black Background
  •  Shooting Glass with Gap
  •  Shooting Glass with White Background
  •  Shooting Glass with Liquid


  •  Complete Shade
  •  Backlight Shooting
  •  As The Eye Sees
  •  Shadow Play
  •  Advanced Planar Lighting
  •  Trouble Shooting Sunset Shoot
  •  Quiz
  •  Outro
  •  Credits

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