Dan Hostettler’s LIVE Nude Photo Shoot: Exclusive, Limited-Ticket Event

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Sold By: Dan Hostettler

One time only. Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015. Early-bird pricing ends soon. ((RECORDING AVAILABLE))

nude photo shoot Dan Hostettler LIVE

Want to experience a new approach to learning nude photo shoot? With a ticket to this streaming event, you’re going to get real-time education, live chatting, and a chance to see what happens during a professional nude photo shoot while it happens in real time. [Possible revision: a chance to see what goes on during a professional nude photo shoot as it actually happens.]

How is this possible? On Sept. 12th, Dan Hostettler will live stream three sets with Melisa Mendini, a model who’s worked with Penthouse, Hustler, and Maxim. The shoot will go step by step and cover all Hostettler’s techniques to lighting, posing, and directing.

WDan Hostettler LIVEith a ticket, you’ll be able to watch the entire photo shoot from behind the scenes and be able to ask Hostettler any technical questions you have directly. The program will go over three different sets: 1 light, 2 lights & 1 reflector, and provocative nudity.

With a VIP ticket, you’ll also get an accompanying Shoot Notebook containing all the results and light settings, alongside a 1080p HD download of the live stream. Considering the small difference of price, we highly recommend the VIP ticket (regular tickets don’t include the recording).

Early-bird pricing ends July 17th! Get your tickets now.

  What am I getting exactly in this Dan Hostettler live nude photoshoot? What’s the difference between a VIP ticket and a Regular one?



With the purchase of a Regular or VIP ticket, you’ll secure your spot to watch a Dan Hostettler live stream nude shoot. The stream will be covered in a multicam setup and photos will be streamed straight from Hostettler’s camera. Adaptive connection speeds will guarantee that you’ll get a smooth streaming experience no matter the device you watch it on.

Regular tickets grant you access to the stream and live chat. But you won’t be able to skip the event or get a recording of it. Once the stream is over, you won’t be able to access the workshop again.

Dan Hostettler LIVE

VIP tickets grant you access to the stream, the live chat, a 1080p HD recording of the event, and an accompanying Shoot Notebook that bundles all the results with important information covered in the workshop. The recording and ebook will be delivered 7 days after the stream. Once downloaded, you’ll have lifetime access to the workshop.

In partnership with Dan Hostettler, we’re offering early-bird pricing for a limited time. And considering the small difference in price between the two tickets, we recommend the VIP one (since we’re sure you’ll probably want to watch what you learned more than once).

For more information and FAQs go here!

 About Dan Hostettler

Dan’s expertise is based on more than 15 years experience as a nude photographer. Shooting some of the world’s most beautiful nude models, he always strives to capture that “bold, sexy moment.” Published and featured in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, GoodLight! Magazine, FotoTV, ModelMayhem EDU, MUZE Magazine, FOTOdigital and more.


What you’re going to get:

  • Regular Ticket: Access to the live show and live chat
  • VIP Ticket: Dan Hostettler Live show & chat + 1080p recording + The Shooting Notebook

Dan Hostettler LIVE

Purchase & Process:

  • Secure Your Access Now. Only 500 Spots available!
  • Once you’ve purchased a ticket you are locked into the attendees list
  • 24 hours before the event,  you get a personalized link to the email address you used to register (this link is accessible from any of your devices)
  • 7 days after the show, VIP ticket holders get a personalized link for downloading the show + bonus ebook
  • Early Bird Pricing Period: GET 35% OFF (ends July 17, 2015)
  • NOTE: After purchasing a regular ticket, you will not be able to upgrade to VIP anymore. Please make your choice carefully
  • This particular deal (only) has NO REFUND policy

Timings for the Dan Hostettler LIVE workshop

  • Saturday, September 12, 2015
  • Globally streamed @ 9 p.m. CEST | Prague local time
  • London 8pm, New York 3pm / Los Angeles 12pm / Sidney 5 AM
  • Convert to your Local time using TimeZonConverter

10 reviews for Dan Hostettler’s LIVE Nude Photo Shoot: Exclusive, Limited-Ticket Event

  1. Vinod Oedairadjsingh

    Great workshop from Dan and Melisa. Dan explained in detail the setup he used, both technical and practical. The Q&A sections where good, placed between the segments so as not to interrupt the flow of the shoot. Looking forward to seeing more workshops like this.

    • Megha Kendre

      Hi Vinod,

      Nice to know! Dan has always been awesome 🙂

  2. Andrew Nish

    Dan’s photoshoot was great and certainly not the usual live event. I couldn’t stay tuned for the whole event but the download video and ebook more than makes up for that and I’m looking forward to it. Deals such as this alone usual cost way more and then you don’t even see it being created live and being able to ask questions. I would definitely recommend it without hesitation to anyone that’s interested.

    • Megha Kendre

      Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for the review! Seems you learnt a lot 🙂 Glad to know.

  3. Frank Sousek

    Worst experience ever Never got a reminder email for the event and I have NO idea were to get the recording of it and I did pay extra for that to!!!!

    • Megha Kendre


      I am sad to know you are unhappy about it. If only you could have sent us a mail before 12th we would have done something 🙁 ..Nevertheless Dan is sending out the videos for it by 20th Sept ( approx) Incase you do not receive please drop us a mail on [email protected] we will get it sorted for you.

  4. Mark lane

    Paid for it, got the ticket, but didn’t get the invite to the live shoot, so haven’t seen it. Did it happen?

    • Megha Kendre

      Hi Mark,

      It was scheduled for 12th Sept (as mentioned in the mail). Did you not receive the access details to the course? It might have landed up in your spam. No worries. You will get the video and .pdf for the session real soon (approx 20th sept) 🙂 Do let us know if you don’t receive it.

  5. [email protected]

    I have enjoyed reading books by Dan Hostettler, so I couldn’t pass up a live photo shoot workshop from him especially at the price they were offering. I’m still relatively new at doing portraits and have read books about the subject and it’s nice to actually see it put into action to get a better understanding especially how to interact with the model. Unfortunately, I had to miss the ending due to a prior commitment. So glad I purchased the VIP one so I can get a download of this and watch it again. Hopefully he will do another live one on different topics cause I really enjoyed this one.

    • Megha Kendre

      Hi There, Glad to know about it 🙂 You will get the download real soon!

  6. Lance Chiu

    Wish the times worked better with me but looking forward to the download. Would be 5 if we got the downloads quicker.

    • Megha Kendre

      Hi Lance,

      You will get the video and PDF from Dan around 20th September

  7. Dan Hostettler

    Dear Frank Sousek, dear Mark Lane,
    All access emails were sent on 10. September 2015. I am terribly sorry if you did not get the access code. Unfortunately I can’t double check/replicate as I don’t know your email addresses you signed-up with (not visible here).
    Please contact PhotoWhoa support (open a ticket) and I will contact you personally.

    As for the show recording: The event happened successfully on 12. September 2015 and I received a lot of great feedback and valuable critics. The download material is ready this Sunday 20.9.2015. You will get again an email you have signed up with including the link inside to the resource page.

    Why it takes 7 days for the download?
    I put a bonus shooting notebook together (as stated in the purchase process). This bonus (100 pages) contains ALL results, tech explanations, contact sheets, lighting plans and more. It’s your quick access to all data needed to replicate a shoot. This work is unfortunately nit done in just 3 days… – but I am very sure it’s worth the wait.

    Thanks & best from Prague,

  8. Stefano Giordano

    I already knew Dan because of his blog and his ebooks and it was a pleasure to watch him shooting and directing live.

    Thanks guys for sharing your knowledge with us and thanks to PhotoWhoa for putting up such a del! 🙂


  9. Frogy Diak

    Great job Dan! Learned a lot from your professionalism and your shooting style. Looking forward to your next live photo shoot.

    To those who did not get the invite email, check your Junk folder all the time and don’t blame and rate people just because you did not see the email in your Inbox. I am a web developer as a profession and it is not nice to blame people because you don’t know how to use the technology. I always get complaints from users that they did not get the email but when I point them to their Junk folder there it is. 😀 I found Dan’s invite in my Junk folder 3 days before the scheduled date.

  10. Daniel A

    Looks like I am not the only one that did not receive a reminder email. I asked ahead of time, why I did not receive any confirmation email acknowledging my payment for the session. A week prior to the event support emailed me that I should be receiving an email shortly with instructions on how to log into the live session. Never received the email. I did check my SPAM folders as I always do, and nothing there. I did receive a confirmation from support though but never did get the reminder email about the session. Looks like they need to clean up their administration of the process prior to offering a session like this in the future.

    • Megha Kendre

      Hi Daniel,

      I am so sorry for this inconvenience 🙁

      I had a word with Dan and he has confirmed me, that he has sent you both the mails, one on 19th Sept for login details for LIVE shoot and second on 19th Sept for the recording download link. I am not sure what has messed up the communication. I think there must be some server or mailing issue.

      Nevertheless, You must have received a download link of the recording from our side as well. Do let me know how do you find it 🙂

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