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Want to create eye-catching work that will set you apart from other photographers? Let Composite Planet help you.

Take a look at this photo by Josh Rossi.

Composite Planet

Want to learn how he made his photo look like this?

You’re in luck because Josh created several video tutorials that teach you his techniques. Since I know you will love learning from him, I negotiated a deal for an exclusive “PhotoWhoa bundle” of his tutorials.

Every product in this bundle is a product that I personally thought would be extremely useful. The bundle includes Josh Rossi Effect, Skin Tone, and Shadows.

(Josh’s work has been featured on the cover of Advanced Photoshop magazine.)

Learn how to make your images look stunning, not just technically good.

Note: Tutorials are designed for Photoshop CS and above.

The Josh Rossi Effect

Start off by watching the Josh Rossi Effect, which is a tutorial on the basics of how Josh achieves his unique, “painted” look.


You’ll see exactly how Josh achieves this effect by watching him retouch the image you see above from start to finish. You’ll end up with contrasty, one-of-a-kind photos that look surreal.

Perfect Skin Tone

In Perfect Skin Tone, Josh will show you how create flawless skin using dodging and burning to create a unique look that will take your portfolio to the next level.


This tutorial teaches you the basics of compositing. You’ll learn how to extract a person from a background to start your composite.

Finally, learn how to match up the foreground and background image in a composite using colors and filters.


One of the reasons why a composite does not look right is that the shadows aren’t there. Look at the before/after below and you can see how much realistic shadows can make or break a composite.


The before shot clearly looks like a (bad) composite, while the after shot looks as if it was taken in-camera.

With the professional techniques in the Shadows tutorial, you’ll be able to create realistic shadows in almost ANY scenario. Josh shows you how to create shadows on grass, on curved surfaces, in harsh lighting, and in soft lighting.

The goal is to make your composites look so real that people will ask “how did you get that shot in camera?”

For those that don’t like reading, here’s what you’ll get:

  • 3 different tutorial videos for Photoshop CS and above
  • How to use compositing to combine 2 or more photos together
  • Getting Josh Rossi’s unique “painted” look – the Josh Rossi Effect
  • Videos that will show you exactly how Josh got his results
  • How to get realistic shadows on a composited image
  • Tips on how to make your shadows look real on ANY surface

What are people saying about Josh’s tutorials?

“Composite planet is a great tool for beginners, amateurs and professionals. Its always good to share tricks of the trade and that’s exactly what they’re doing here…amazing!”
Jose Velasquez, Photographer
“Despite working with Photoshop for 13 years I found a lot of useful tips and tricks from Composite Planet’s tutorials. They really go in depth with each subject. It’s like having someone right next to you helping you learn.”
Martin Benes, Photographer






Although this package would normally retail for $90, Composite Planet negotiated a special PhotoWhoa price for you. Download the tutorials instantly today for only $59.


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