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Take an ordinary image and make it extraordinary

With Epic Battle + Zombies from Composite Planet, you’re going beyond the realm of “normal” post-processing and delving straight into digital art.

By the end of these tutorials, you’ll be able to transform your ordinary photographs into spectacular images using the art of compositing (combining multiple images into one).

If you want to create extremely creative art and you love the digital canvas, then these tutorials will help you take the next step.

Josh Rossi is a master compositor and a creator of some of the most stunning images. In this package you’ll learn his advanced techniques for creating beautiful art.

Josh’s work has been featured on the cover of Advanced Photoshop magazine
Composite Planet

This special bundle includes Epic Battle, which will teach you how to recreate a battle scene using compositing and the “Josh Rossi” effect. You will also get Zombies, which will teach advanced compositing techniques designed to help you make your composites more realistic and believable.

Epic Battle

Composite Planet¬†will show you step-by-step how he created an amazing Halo-inspired image, but even if you don’t want to recreate a battle scene, these techniques will be applicable for a wide variety of images. Take his techniques and adapt them to your own work.

Josh will first introduce you to the “Josh Rossi Effect,” which will allow you to create a surreal painted look. This technique looks good on any image, not just in a battle scene.

You’ll also learn how to create custom effects from scratch, add atmosphere using brushes, create fog, create gunfire, match up backgrounds using color and many other pro Photoshop techniques. These are foundations that you can apply to any future composites you do.

Mouseover to see the before image

How do you create that animated and surreal look? Josh calls it the “Josh Rossi effect.” It’s revealed in this tutorial video.


You will learn how to create custom realistic muzzle flashes and smoke using brushes in Photoshop. See exactly how Josh creates custom flames and explosions using stock images and a variety of brushes. If you ever want to create some kind of action scene, this tutorial is exactly what you need.


Shrapnel adds atmosphere and can bring an image together especially one as complex as this. Josh illustrates how to create a shrapnel explosion that will look realistic. You’ll be able to easily add shrapnel to your scenes.


You will learn:

  • Dodging and burning that creates the “Josh Rossi effect”
  • How to create fire and explosions
  • How to create realistic shrapnel
  • Creative coloring effects
  • Techniques for creating fog


Even if you never want to create a “zombie” image, these tutorials will help you learn the techniques necessary to make your own composites. How do you match up one part of an image to another better? How do you create the necessary atmosphere to make your composite realistic?

Josh shows you his best compositing techniques with this zombie image (starring violinist Lindsey Stirling). You will learn how to quickly composite and match up the different images, add fog to create atmosphere, dodge and burn, and create a mysterious zombie night.

Mouseover to see the before image

You’ll see how easy it is to create realistic fog effects that will add an eerie atmosphere to your image.


What is difficult about a composite is making the image elements match up convincingly. You will learn some techniques used by Josh Rossi to make a composite look flawless. For example, you’ll learn how to create custom grass as well as realistic shadows so that the images will match up with the background perfectly.


Through this tutorial, you’ll gain mastery over crucial Photoshop tools like color balance, levels, curves and saturation. You’ll see exactly how Josh gets the looks he want, and in this case, you’ll get to see how he creates a creepy zombie night.


You will learn:

  • How to create realistic and atmospheric fog
  • Coloring effects to get the mood and tone you want
  • Techniques to blend your images into the background
  • How Josh created “evil eyes”
  • More practice with dodging & burning

Note: Tutorials are designed for Photoshop CS and above.

What are people saying about Composite Planet ‘s tutorials?

“Composite planet is a great tool for beginners, amateurs and professionals. Its always good to share tricks of the trade and that’s exactly what they’re doing here…amazing!”
Jose Velasquez, Photographer
“Despite working with Photoshop for 13 years I found a lot of useful tips and tricks from Composite Planet’s tutorials. They really go in depth with each subject. It’s like having someone right next to you helping you learn.”
Martin Benes, Photographer





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