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Author: josh rossi

Let Your Imagination Loose, Get This Composite Photography Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to make your wedding composite photography business stand out?

The answer you’re looking for is composite photography tutorial. Those are the types of shots that simply look unbelievable!

We’re taking placing your pride on a hot lava rock surrounded by bursting fire, fiery effects and dramatic sky or making her manipulate ice and snow on top of the highest of mountains!

The Ultimate Bridal Compositing Bundle is designed so help you take your photography game to the next level.

composite photography tutorial img11

Mastering Post Production


Sometimes it may seem hard to stand out in an over-saturated market. Everybody is out there trying to make a living and offer something different, something more.

There is a lot of things you can put on the table to diversify your business package, but frankly speaking not all can be as cost efficient as post-production.

With this composite photography tutorial you can learn and practice ways to offer your customers something truly different.

The art of composing the bride in a natural portrait within an unnatural setting.

What you get

This complete composite photography tutorial is designed to boost your creative thinking and editing skills regardless if you’re new to composite photography or you’ve dabbled with it before.

It will boost your knowledge of tools and assets you can use to create unbelievable photographs that look realistic. And all you need is your computer.

The rest can be found in the Ultimate Bridal Compositing Bundle. There are all sorts of techniques you’ll master –

  • being able to select and cut your subjects,
  • change their positions,
  • blend different elements within the frame

All these will help you get that surreal effect your clients will talk about for ages after they receive their images!

composite photography tutorial img10

Location, Location, Location

Of course, finding so many different settings, assets, skies and such to use as part of your photo collages is an impossible task. But don’t worry the bundle’s got you covered! It includes 145 skies you can use and 100 more photoshop assets and overlays to use as you please without having to buy anything additionally.

Things you’ll master by the end of this composite photography tutorial:

  • Achieving the Fire, Volcano & Ice Bride Look
  • Selecting & Masking Methods With Adobe Photoshop
  • Advanced Pen Tool Techniques Within Adobe Photoshop
  • Skin Retouch, Beauty Retouch & Working With Color
  • Use Of Blending Modes & How They Affect Assets
  • Creating Cinemagraphs: Mix Static Images With Moving Visual Elements
  • Nailing That Medieval Bride Moody Look

Take a look at a few examples


composite photography tutorial img9


composite photography tutorial img8


composite photography tutorial img7


composite photography tutorial img6


composite photography tutorial img4


composite photography tutorial img5


composite photography tutorial img3


composite photography tutorial img2

So, what are you waiting for?

This composite photography tutorial pack is especially tailored for you – it offers you a variety of ways to portray the brides you’re shooting in surreal universe making them stand out and feel truly special when watching those pictures with friends.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to go with the Fire, Volcanic, Ice or even Medieval look when editing after the photoshoot – they will all get you where you need to go. And that is to impress your clients, offer them something they haven’t seen before!

On top of everything, you are getting a great deal out of it. Not only you’ll be remembered as a great photographer, but you’ll only have to invest $49!

For that price, you’ll learn quite a few impressive tricks and be able to go back and refresh your knowledge for a lifetime.

Combining nature’s elements with beautiful portraits and even make them move and look alive with a click of a button.

Show Everybody Your Immersive Fantasy World

Offering something more to your customers is always going to pay off in the long run. Making that first impression with your fantasy shots will last forever and bring you a fortune.
It matters not if you decide to have a whole new package you’re offering to customers thanks to your newly developed skills with the Ultimate Compositing Bundle or you include the service as an upsell for only a selection of photographs – the composite photography package tutorial is going to teach you how to make the most of it!


What’s Included in this Composite Photography Tutorial

  • Over 8.5 hours of lessons
  • Behind the scenes lighting setups
  • 145 skies for compositing
  • 100 Photoshop assets and overlays
  • All practice files included
  • You need to access the course online, not downloadable

Help the newlywed brides feel even more special by creating unmatched composite images!

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