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4 Handy Ebooks To Help You Master Composition

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Learn how to create a stunning composite photo from these handy guides

When it comes to photography, composition is an art all on its own.

To most seasoned professionals, this skill seems to come effortlessly. They know exactly how to arrange all the elements of a photo to get stunning results every time.

But for those of us just starting out on this journey, it doesn’t come quite so easily.

Mastering Compostition

We are dependent upon the scraps of wisdom learned through trial and error, or the glimpses of knowledge available online.

The task of piecing all this random wisdom together into a workflow that’s effective for us can take years of practice.

Most professionals will tell you there is no magic formula. They spent years acquiring their knowledge, and you’ll have to jump through the same hoops to get to their level.

But that seems discouraging. It takes you hours every day to market your photography business, to find good subjects and locations, to capture powerful images and play with them during post-processing.

How can you possibly find the time to take a class from a master photographer?

If only there were a quick and convenient way to access all their knowledge without any hassle.

Well, now there is.

The Comprehensive Guide to Composition

This four-volume set of eBooks gives you everything you need to know about composition.

Mastering Composition eBook Volume 1

  • Why you can’t rely on the rule of thirds to create powerfully composed photos
  • How learning to see in black and white will make you a better photographer
  • How to create the illusion of depth in your images
  • How to use juxtaposition and contrast to add interest to your photos
  • How Gestalt theory and the principles of visual weight work together
  • Why simplification is the key to creating stronger images (and becoming a better photographer)
  • How to use tonal contrast as the basis for successful composition
  • How the focal length of the lens you use affects composition
  • How to use line to make your photos stronger
  • Why the human element is such an important part of successful composition
  • How to capture gesture and moment
Mastering Composition Book 1​

Mastering Composition eBook Vol 2

Mastering Composition Book 2
  • Why balance is so important in composition
  • How simplifying helps you create stronger compositions
  • How to look beyond the obvious to create better images
  • How to use color creatively in composition
  • How light affects composition and how you can make light itself the subject of your photos
  • How to use negative space to capture mood
  • How to create drama, mood and atmosphere through composition
  • How to organize subjects into groups effectively
  • Why understanding the visual relationships between the different elements within the frame is so important for good composition
  • The relationship between focal length, aperture and composition
  • How to decide where to place the main focal point in the frame
  • How to compose better portraits
  • How to compose better black and white photos
  • How to make stronger photos by dividing the frame

Mastering Composition eBook Vol 3

  • Why low light is often beautiful light for photography
  • How to take full advantage of the golden hour and blue hour
  • How to use soft light to make beautiful photos
  • Strategies for coping with hard light situations
  • Why composition is difficult (and why photographers don’t discuss this)
  • How to develop your visual intuition so you can make more powerful compositions
  • Techniques for adding depth to your photos
  • How to make more impactful compositions using balance
  • How to to use shadows and contrast to make dramatic compositions
  • How the “rules” of composition work together and how you can put them into action
  • What is figure to ground and why it’s so important in photography
  • How to use layers to make complex, structured compositions
  • How to tell stories through composition and photography
  • How to apply the principles of photographic composition in post-production and layout
Mastering Composition Book 1​


Mastering Composition Ebook 4
  • The history of the square format
  • Going square
  • The 35mm problem
  • Cropping square
  • Design and balance
  • Simplicity, space and subtlety
  • Black & white
  • Case Study: Matt Toynbee

Create Your Next Composite Photo Effortlessly

If you’ve always felt like creating composite photos was more trouble than it’s worth, this collection of ebooks is the solution you’ve been looking for.

It teaches you a new way of seeing your environment which typically takes years of experience to acquire.

The books are crammed with simple, step-by-step lessons and engaging case studies, which you can access on any device in convenient PDF format.

At last, you will see the world in the same way that your camera lens does, and the results will blow you away.

You might think a quality photography ebook like this one is out of your budget. But it’s not so!

This four-volume set typically sells for just $52.

And right now, you can access a special bundled offer of just $29 for the entire set.

We’re not sure how long this deal will last, though; so don’t wait.

Learn How To Create A Stunning Composite Photo With This Guide Today!


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