Josh Rossi’s Cinematic Effects Bundle

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Author: josh rossi

Do you know the secret formula to create the cinematic effects in Photoshop ?

Cinematic Effects After1
Cinematic Effects

Josh Rossi does. Wouldn’t it be great to use Photoshop like Rossi? To open up the program and just bang out something totally unique and unlike anything you’ve captured? How does he do it? What are you missing?

Psst… did you know that Rossi starts nearly every image with a specific Photoshop formula? Yeah, a specific set of actions that build up everything else. Do you want to learn that formula – plus, other techniques – that have established Josh Rossi as a Photoshop genius?

If you haven’t given up on Photoshop yet, then read on. We’ve got two video tutorials made by Rossi that we think might jump start your Photoshop learning. One is called Day to Night and the other’s called the Josh Rossi cinematic effects.

In the first tutorial, you’ll learn the exact formula Rossi uses to create his unique “painted” look, with nothing held back – all the secrets and all the details on recreating the effect. And with the second tutorial, Day to Night, you’ll learn Rossi’s method to creating night time, fog, and dramatic moods. Imagine changing a day scene completely into night! How cool does that sound?

So if you want to master Josh Rossi’s cinematic effects, these two tutorials will be a great place to start. You’ll learn the steps Rossi always begins a project with and master several techniques to creating work that’s totally unique and dramatic.

What’s in this bundle? Why should I buy it?

You’re going to get two videos. Josh Rossi Effect is about recreating his unique “painted” looks and runs for thirty-five minutes. Day to Night is about turning daytime to night, while also injecting an eerie, dramatic atmosphere into your photographs, and runs for thirty-eight minutes.

Why are these videos a great place to start learning Rossi techniques? Because of the first video. With Josh Rossi Effect, you’ll learn how to dodge and burn exactly as he does and finally see all the other steps he takes to create that unique “painted” look.

You’ll focus on just one thing so that you can perfect it and make it your own. You will go over details so you will know how to consistently recreate the effect. And that’s great already. But since there’s another video, you’ll learn more.

With Day to Night, you’ll learn how to turn a daytime image into a night time image with Photoshop. You’ll get the concepts behind how to create and place fog that’s realistic and convincing. And you will learn how to dodge and burn your background and model to create a more dramatic look.

So do you want to achieve Photoshop creativity? Do you want to see Photoshop as an imaginative tool instead of a correcting one? If you want to create images like Rossi’s, these two videos are a great way to start doing it.

Cinematic Effects After1
Cinematic Effects

You are going to learn Rossi’s techniques for:

  • Dodging and burning
  • Turning day to night
  • Coloring effects
  • Adding realistic fog, reflections, and moonlight
  • Creating very dramatic moods
  • Cinematic Effects

2 reviews for Josh Rossi’s Cinematic Effects Bundle

  1. pete

    this is a good insight into how to do some colour grading using filters but also how to get that photo cartoony effect. worth the purchase even though i knew a lot there was still a few things that were new to me 🙂

  2. Paul Thompson

    A very good tutorial on compositing images. Josh goes into a lot of detail explaining why he takes the workflow he does, and even shows alternate methods and why he does not use them. Hope he brings more tutorials to Photowhoa…

    • Megha Kendre

      Hi Paul, We surely will bring more of Josh to you 🙂 Glad you loved it.

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