Air Strap + C-Loop HD Combo

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A lightweight strap that extends & retracts as you shoot

Is your traditional camera strap making you work harder?

The Air Strap is flexible. Breathable. And quickly adjusts in length.

Unbeatable comfort and rock-solid security — the Air Strap is an essential equipment upgrade.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how comfortable are you with your current camera strap? Ask yourself: has it ever pinched you? Rubbed you raw? How about its practical use? Have you ever stopped wearing one because you think it slows you down?

Well, you’re not alone. Traditional camera straps are known to be slow. They weren’t designed with quick movement in mind. They’re bulky. Made to keep your camera safe. You gave up a significant amount of speed in the name of over-the-top security.

If you could keep your camera safe with less weight, more flexibility, and greater comfort, would you? With the Air Strap, C-Loop and ProDots bundle, you’ll get exactly that comfort, flexibility, and speed.

Here’s a brief look at what’s included:

  • Air Strap: 54-inch camera strap that extends and retracts with a quick-adjust slider, conforming to the shoulder with cushy neoprene padding
  • C-Loop: 360-degree swiveling strap mount that eliminates strap interference by mounting from the bottom of the camera
  • ProDots: A textured and raised button padding that provides a better grip on the shutter

With all three, you’ll be able to maneuver through crowds with your camera positioned securely at your side. Know that you’ll be able to effortlessly bring your camera back up to shoot. That’s why the Air Strap is so special and why I’m excited to offer it.

Besides assuring unmatched safety, it will also throw you into the flow of the moment. You’ll get a real advantage in that chaotic game between seeing and capturing. Able to put your camera into position at the drop of a hat. While increasing your chances of getting the shot.

It’s a powerful feeling to know that you’re working at your optimal speed. It’s an edge that you can get instantly — all by upgrading a piece of gear you probably never thought about in the first place. The question is whether you’re ready.

Do you want a better solution to traditional camera straps? If you do, you better hurry. This promotion is special. It’s not going to be offered for long. Get the Air Strap bundle now!

What’s keeping you stuck with an out-of-date camera strap?

If you’re ready to upgrade that bulky camera strap you got, this bundle couldn’t have come at a better time. Working with the guys at Custom SLR, we’ve worked out a special price on their amazing starting pack that includes the Air Strap, C-Loop HD, and ProDots.

Air Strap

This is the strap that revolutionized how photographers carry their camera while out shooting. Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, it allows you to quickly slide your camera into place while you move through crowds and tight spaces. Perfect for street or travel photographers.

  • Made with moisture wicking fabric: Breathable vents keep your skin cool, providing ventilation to help you stay dry
  • Universal and adjustable: Compatible with most cameras and bags and adjusts to fit most users
  • Unparalleled comfort: Wide strap with neoprene padding that conforms to your shoulder, providing optimal ergonomic support

C-Loop HD

Integrating a 360-degree swivel, this strap mount connects to your camera from the bottom, instead of traditional top-mounted straps. This helps eliminates tangles and gives you better access on the move while providing an easier line of sight to your viewfinder.

It comes in Black, Red, Gunmetal, and Blue.

  • Universal compatibility: Works with any camera that comes with a tripod mount
  • Smooth Rotation: 360-degree swivel provides a mounted position that rotates in every direction
  • Eliminate Strap Interference: By mounting at the bottom of the camera, you’ll be able to shoot without straps getting in the way


Awarded Men’s Journal’s “Best Camera Add-Ons” in 2013, this button padding raises the point of contact between your finger and the shutter while providing a textured surface for increasing your grip.

  • Increased shooting comfort: Textured padding makes the shutter more sensitive to the touch and easier to press
  • Vibration-free grip: Raised button padding reduces camera shake
  • Compatible: Works with most cameras and media devices 

What’s included in this bundle?

c-loop hd

1 Air Strap

1 C-Loop HD (4 colors)

1 ProDots

$6 USA shipping. $13 international.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping for these camera straps.

Ready to get an instant upgrade to how you shoot?

Better camera straps means better shooting. Get yourself out of a disadvantage. Buy this today!

Select your country and Color for C-Loop

C- Loop (Red) – USA, C- Loop (Black) – USA, C- Loop (Blue) – USA, C- Loop (Gunmetal) – USA, C- Loop (Red) – Other Countries, C- Loop (Black) – Other Countries, C- Loop (Blue) – Other Countries, C- Loop (Gunmetal) – Other Countries


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