Boudoir Photography Course – The Secret To Flattering Images

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Master Flattering Boudoir Photography In Under 3 Hours

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Author: Cape Town School of Photography

The Ultimate Boudoir Photography Course

Have you ever thought of taking boudoir photography courses?

Maybe you think that the art of boudoir photography is not something that can be learned. After all, what is there to know about taking beautiful boudoir photos?

All you need is a beautiful model, and the photos will be beautiful, right?

Wrong. There’s so much that goes into creating boudoir photography. If it were easy, you’d see gorgeous boudoir photos on every photographer’s website and social media. But this is not the case.

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To capture a gorgeous boudoir photo, one that you can be proud of, you need to understand how to bring out the best in every model.

You need to know how to correctly use location, lighting and equipment. 

And if the result isn’t absolutely perfect (as is true in most cases), you need to know how to use Lightroom effectively to give the images the qualities they lack.

But finding the right boudoir photography courses isn’t easy. 

While there are many photography courses available on the market today, there are very few that focus specifically on the unique nuances of boudoir photography.

Besides that, you can never be sure of the credentials of your instructor. It’s rare to find a master at the craft of boudoir photography who is willing to share its secrets.

And even if you do find the perfect course, it’s often too expensive to afford with a modest budget. But that’s not the case any longer.

A Comprehensive Boudoir Photography Course

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This 3 Hour Long Course :

  • What Is Boudoir Photography?
  • The Boudoir Photographer’s Prep
  • Factors That Influence Gear Choices
  • Client Preparation
  • Location and Lighting
  • Posing: Communicating with the Model
  • Demo Shoot with Models
  • Lightroom Editing Workflow
  • Contacts & Release Forms
  • Model Release Template
  • A Total of Almost Two Hours of Video Instruction

Beautiful Intimate Images You Can Create

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Learn The Secrets To Flattering Female Shots

This course is different from any boudoir photography course you have taken before.

That’s because it’s not just about how to take great photos. It’s about your own inner journey as an artist.

Let’s face it; becoming a successful boudoir photographer requires confidence. A lot of it.

You have to know, beyond a doubt, that you are capable of creating stunning boudoir images consistently, every single time. And you have to convey that confidence to everyone you work with, especially your models.

boudoir pictures
beauty and boudoir studio

Yes, it seems like a tall order, a lot of pressure. But this course will give you that necessary confidence to succeed.

It’s a confidence that you can carry with you into every situation, no matter who your model is, and no matter what challenges you face with a particular location or setting.

This is the only course you’ll ever find that blends so many effective approaches together.

It goes through the practical step-by-step process of creating boudoir photography, providing a real-life demo with techniques you can implement right away.

But it also lays out the theory behind successful boudoir photography so that you not only know what to do, you also understand why you’re doing it.

And your instructor, Greg Liss, is an accomplished master photographer with detailed knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in boudoir photography.

This kind of boudoir photography courses usually costs a bundle. But today, you can get this entire course, with all the perks and freebies that come with it, for a one-time price of just $99. It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Take Your Boudoir Photography To A Whole New Level

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  1. Philip Warner

    I found that I learned many things that I did not know before. It was worth the price, which is very reasonable in my opinion to what you recieve. I am very happy, I bought this course. Very happy! I would suggest it to anyone who is seriously, or even mildly interested, in photographing women.
    It’s more than worth the price you pay!

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