Dave Cross’s 8+ hour Photoshop Editing Bootcamp

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4 courses on editing smarter & faster with non-destructive techniques

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Author: Dave Cross

In real life, almost any bad decision can last a lifetime

In Photoshop, with the right tools, no bad decision has to stay permanent

In this bundle, you’ll learn how to use non-destructive tools to edit more effectively

If you could buy all the hard drives in the world, would you ever stop shooting RAW? No, why would you? When the choice is between getting your photo as good as you shot it or getting a JPG permanently and forever altered, you already know what’s better.

It’s the same with Photoshop. Some tools give you creative freedom and flexibility while others limit you from the beginning. In fact, some of the worst tools delete info, erase pixels, and make any decision permanent — whether you thought it was a good decision or not.

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of using these tools at some point. Most of the time it’s because knowing which are which is hard. All the essential tools in Photoshop look the same for everybody. Both beginners and pros get the same ones — pros just use theirs differently.

So what exactly are they doing that you’re not doing? That’s what drove us to Dave Cross. Shooting for over 25 years and teaching Photoshop since the very beginning, he’s known for producing engaging videos about mastering Photoshop that are accessible and info-rich. We thought he’d be the perfect guy to show you how to edit faster, smarter, and more professionally.

In this bundle, you’ll get 4 of his courses that breakdown how to edit non-destructively. With this approach, you’ll be able to change any edit at any time (in case you ever change your mind), reuse any setting or adjustment for future projects, and always know how you did what you did.

With it all, you’ll be able to:

  • Make effective selections accurately and quickly
  • Create layer masks, grouping layers, clipping masks, smart objects & filters, and custom brushes
  • Develop an “end up with” approach to editing
  • Avoid using the eraser tool, aka the delete key, forever
  • And much more!

All told, you’ll have tools and techniques that give you more creative freedom. Ones that give you backup plans, workarounds, and a savable, incremental, progressive workflow. All you have to do is learn a non-destructive approach to Photoshop editing. So download today!

So what’s all included?

Selections, Channels & Masks

In this 5+ hour video course, you’ll learn the most effective methods to making selections using channels and masks. With these methods, you’ll be able to make realistic and accurate selections quickly and easily. You’ll also get detailed instruction on how to take advantage of all three to create fine-tuned edits.

What I loved most about this course was the range of knowledge covered. Alongside learning how to create selections using the quick selection tool, magic wand, lasso, and pen tool, you’ll also learn how to use masks to prepare your photograph for pixel-by-pixel editing.

What will you be able to with these skills? After watching it, you’ll be able to:

  • Swap out backgrounds (e.g., replace skies, add in textures, change environments)
  • Make composite photographs (e.g., extract one object and put it into another photo, blend two photographs together)
  • Edit your highlights and shadows (e.g., use luminosity masks to single out individual pixels, edit your photograph with more precision)
  • Much more!

Breaking Bad Photoshop Habits

With each new version of Photoshop comes new techniques and tools. Along with this progress comes obsolescence. New becomes old. Old become obsolete.

A few versions ago, there wasn’t anything like smart objects. But with each new tool comes a new technique that could revamp how you edit.

In this course, you’ll learn three ways to combat three of the most common bad habits experienced Photoshop users have picked up over the years.

You’ll learn how to stop using the erase tool, aka the delete key, learn better ways to combine layers than merging and flattening, and learn why avoiding smart tools (e.g., smart objects and smart filters) will always slow you down.

After watching it, you’ll be able to:

  • Switch to non-destructive edits and filters
  • Give up the delete key and never worry about losing pixels
  • Decrease working file size without subtracting layers to work with

Habits of Successful Photoshop Users

In this short video course, you’ll learn the best practices used by many of the most experienced and successful retouchers. Focused on productivity, this video will showcase techniques that stress an incremental and checklist-based approach that aims to “end up with” results instead of stressing over them.

After watching it, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop a mental checklist to help you begin every project on the right foot
  • Adopt an “end up with” mindset to keep you from losing the bigger picture and getting stuck in the details
  • Get in the habit of using smart objects and smart filters

Non-Destructive Creativity

In this video course, you’re going to double down on making layer masks while also learning how to create and use smart objects.

Geared to helping you understand how to use masks creatively, this course explores the ways in which masks, grouping layers, clipping masks and smart objects can be used together to make unique photographs.

After watching it, you’ll be able to:

  • Create adjustment layers using layer masks
  • Fine-tune layer masks to get exacting edits
  • Group layers together instead of merging
  • Create smart objects instead rasterizing
  • Much more!

[BONUS]: Using Your Wacom Tablet

What would the best techniques be without a proper way to use them? With a tablet, each and every technique and tool learned in this bundle becomes easier to handle. Made for people who just bought one or those who just want to get better at using it, this video course will show you how to make it feel as familiar as a mouse.

After watching it, you’ll be able to:

  • Customize settings for the pen, express keys, and more
  • Make your tablet more accurate and timesaving
  • Adapt common sense tips to get more comfortable with it

To summarize:

  • COURSE 1 – Selections, Channels & Masks: Create pinpoint selections, channels, and masks quickly and effectively
  • COURSE 2 – Photoshop: Non-Destructive Creativity: Master layer masks, group layers, and other adjustment layers to edit more creatively.
  • COURSE 3 – Habits of Successful Photoshop Users: Learn how experienced Photoshop users get things done fast
  • COURSE 4 – Breaking Bad Photoshop Habits: Break your oldest habits (e.g., it’s time to stop using the delete key, grandma) and get faster and smarter at Photoshop
  • [BONUS] – Using Your Wacom Tablet: Make that tablet feel like a mouse — it’s time to get comfortable with it

Are you guilty of using Photoshop’s forbidden fruits?

Learn an approach that blends all the best tools together. Buy this video course bundle today!

4 reviews for Dave Cross’s 8+ hour Photoshop Editing Bootcamp

  1. [email protected]

    Amazing value for money deal, far more than I expected. Great teacher.

  2. Bruce Hostetler

    Anything Dave Cross puts out is 5 Star +!!!!!

  3. Kevin

    Excellent course material and presentation. Very easy to follow

  4. Joel

    Still part way through this course, I find this to be the best course I’ve tried so far regarding photoshop. It’s just great!

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