Become A Better Photographer: Part I II & Posing Couple

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Don’t you wish there was a MUST-HAVE crash course that helped you become a better photographer?

Let me start with a familiar problem. I know you know this problem. Here it goes:

You bought your first DSLR. You played around with it and got some cool images. Decided to show your pictures off to your family and friends. You impressed them. But now you want to impress the world and take your images above and beyond.

You try to find a crash course on DSLR photography. How close have you come?

Probably not that close.

That’s because there’s a lot of specialty products. Ebooks and videos teaching you one thing. There’s NO one absolute introduction to DSLR photography that covers everything. Besides, what does everything even mean?

Well, these 90+ videos are everything. This is what everything means. This is the only product you need to buy if you want to learn more about your camera than you ever wanted to know. This is the product you wish you had when you first started using your DSLR.

It’s that must-have crash course into DSLR photography you’ve been looking for to become a better photographer.


Somebody is going to be doing a lot of learning. Understanding all there could be taught about Histograms, ISOs, and how to take advantage of natural light. This part consists of over 50 videos and over 5+ hours of content.

There are lessons on the basics of Depth of Field, Composition, and the handy dandy flash.

Want more? There are lessons on blurring backgrounds, finding Leading Lines, and understanding Lenses.

This is NOT your basic lighting tutorial. You’re not watching this video to learn about F-stops. You’re watching this tutorial to learn how to become one of the best photographers in the world.


Sarcasm doesn’t play well on the internet. So let me state my point clearly. Part 2 is the only guide to DSLR features and settings that has ever existed. Ever. It consists of over 30 videos and over 4+ hours of content on DSLR education.

It’s the tutorial that makes you understand how your camera really works. It’s the nitty gritty.

Flash. Exposure. Focusing. Manual. Shutter Speed (Shutter Speed Water!), Flash Sync. More Aperture, More ISO, More Depth of Field.

Think of this part like a deconstruction of your camera. Reassembled to help you learn how it works and how to work it better.


Most of us are not models and obviously don’t know how to pose our hands, tilt our heads or position our bodies to get the best picture. This course takes you through a live photo session with individuals, couples, and large and extended families to help you understand what can be your best approach to get the most out of such a photoshoot.

Over 20 videos and over 3 hours of content will teach you the basic dynamics of good pose. You’ll not only be able to pose individuals for your shoot but create great poses yourself.


  • A complete guide with 90+ Videos with over 10 hours of content on becoming a better photographer
  • Understanding of core photography concepts like – Depth of Field, Flash, Lighting, Exposure, Posing, Settings and Features of the DSLR
  • 3 FREE Posing Guides: Family, Female Model, and Standing Group Ideas
  • FREE Settings FAQ cheat sheet

A bundle you won’t find anywhere else! All of Bernie’s videos are included to become a better photographer.

Become better at every aspect of photography


Bernie Raffe

Award winning portrait & wedding photographer I'm a professional photographer based in UK, I'm originally from London's East End where I grew up in the 50's and 60's. I've been passionate about photography ever since my parents bought me my first camera when I was just 11 years old (a Kodak Brownie 127)! Voted one of Udemy's outstanding Instructors Udemy has 12,000 instructors, over 5 million students. I've been voted one of 2014's outstanding instructors I've had over 100 excellent reviews for my video courses at Amazon, Udemy and Skillshare, see some at See some reviews at SkillShare

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