2017 Sexy Live Nude Model Photography Webinar #2

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Yet Again! With The Man Himself Dan Hostettler


You guys loved our first three events with Dan Hostettler, so we decided to set up a new, complete series. Here is Webinar #2: “Artistic Shapes”

Dan’s 2nd webinar is all about setting the scene with 2 beauties at once, creating various artistic, sensual and passionate series, – not the trashy, cheap lesbian look. One intriguing detail: The 2 models joining me are actually sisters. Spicy, right?  🙂

Dan will be navigating you through 3 sets:

1. “Les Muses”: A Voyeuristic Portrayal Story
2. “Bodyscapes”: Artistic Shapes”: The Dark Side of Illumination
3. “Abstract Passion”: Geometrical Forms, Figurative Bodies

nude model photography

The webinar follows some crucial basics:

  • Limited Indoor Spaces. The shoots will happen in a cozy relaxed atmosphere, no big studio show. It’s a down-to-earth format, like shooting at your home.
  • Gear Does Not Make Your Photo. Evoke emotions, rely on your heart – and use affordable gear.
  • Hobby to Pro. Concepts suitable for shooting with your girlfriend/wife, beginner to pro models + ordinary female clients (!).
  • Fast Track Learning. To-The-Point. Quick Wins. NO endless shows, NO waste of time.
nude model photography


  • Promotion Limited to 150 Tickets!

  • Saturday, August 26, 2017 – “ARTISTIC SHAPES” – 2 GIRLS’ GLORY

  • Globally streamed @ 8 PM CEST (UTC +2) Prague local time



No installation needed, no Flash! Lean HTML5 Player, access the live nude model photography event with your regular internet browser. Watch & interact from any device: Adaptive connection speed will guarantee you a smooth streaming experience.

Interact with Dan and the team – a unique opportunity. Q&A blocks and small discussion panels are dedicated to answering as many posing related questions as possible – by the models and also Dan himself. That’s pretty interactive, insightful and most exclusive!

nude model photography


Not able to attend the live nude model photography? Are we streaming at an ungodly hour at your location? Want to avoid an unexpected last minute absence? We got you covered! We record all webinars.

  • 1080p Full HD downloads will be available 7 days after the live streams of nude model photography for ticket holders.
  • “Shooting Notebook(s)”, containing all results, contact sheets, behind-the-scenes stills
  • FREE Guide: “Implied Nudes” feat. Jenni Czech


“Fantastic Webinar Dan and the Team were superb, roll on August. PS: Fantastic use of such a small space with multiple sets.” – Gary, AUS

“It was a very fun day watching the webinar and moderating the chat room. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Can’t wait for the webinar in August!!” – Joe, USA

“I could only enjoyed it more if I had been there in person. Great job to all the staff and crew.” – Michael Edward, USA

“Hey Dan, ich konnte gestern nur sporadisch zusehen aber was ich gesehen habe war wieder mal sehr interessant und hilfreich. Ich freue mich schon auf die Aufzeichnung und die weiteren Webinare. Danke für die Arbeit die Du mit deinem Team, den Models und den Visas in eure Projekte steckt.” – Mike, GER

“Really enjoyed catching the webinar live. Looking forward to the downloads, and the rest of the summer series. Dan, you, your models, HMU, and crew deliver an amazing show. Cheers!” – Howie, USA

“I thought today was good, to see what you can do in a small home studio with limited resources. Thanks.”- Rodney, AUS

“Great Webinar, thanks a lot to Nicci, Aneta, Dan and the whole team.” – R.Z.LB

“Well done Dan!” – Terry

“Thank you Dan and crew….You do a great job again, thank you for this perfect webinar.” – JOERG-O

“Just been through the downloads for Webinar 01. Great Job in particular the Shoot Notes with all information captured in great detail, awesome reference document.” – Gary, AUS

Already signed for LIVE II. Dan’s productions are highly recommended!!” – Jose Sanchez / Spain

What a brilliant idea!!” – Will W. / UK

With my ‘seat in the frontrow’ I will now continue promoting your phantastic idea.” – Gret S. / Germany

Brilliant idea to do this!” – Jonathan R. / USA

Great!!! Amazing idea. I will share this.” – Jose / Spain

Hopefully we will see more like it in the future. Thank you!!” – Bill / USA

Dan, an outstanding presentation. You, Melisa and your whole team should be congratulated for the hard work you put into this. Well done!” – Joe / USA

Hi Dan, Great show! I love your style of working where you do your setup yourself and not just telling people what you want. That is very impressive!” – Jackson / Australia

Hi Dan, I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s webinar with the gorgeous Melissa Mendini. Your calm and paced teaching style was not only educational, it was inspirational.” – Alan Wheetman / USA

I must say: I’m deeply impressed with the high-end outcome of your event yesterday! You talked very generous about the process and the shoot itself in terms of the technical aspects and the different styles achieved with different lighting-setups. Kudos to you, Melisa, and the whole team!” – Michael / Germany

Hallo Dan, ganz herzlichen Dank an Dich, Melisa, die MUA und das ganze Team für die tolle Leistung! Ich finde Deine Idee mit dem Livestream sehr gelungen – die Umsetzung war 1A wirklich. Viele Grüße aus Wien!” – Constantin / Austria

From the Mexico City, congratulations to the whole team, it has been a great experience.” – Pollux Kc / Mexico

Hi Dan, Great shoot and presentation!! You ebook is superb!! Again, you guys did a fantastic job!! Can’t wait for the next shoot!!!”
– Spence / USA

Enjoyed you! Great job, looking forward for Live3 (inlove)” – Gregory

Thank you very much for your time, knowledge and energy to all of you, it was awesome experience..” – Guest 514

I want to thank everyone for putting this together. This has been very informative and I hope to put it to use in the near future. Thanks!!!” – Dean Hu.

Dominika, Hanna, Dan, and off course the complete team, thank you so much. I learned a lot this evening. Also, thank you to all in the chat for the questions.” – Rainer_LB

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Dan Hostettler

Dan has been a professional sexy women photographer for more than 15 years. He is Swiss born and currently living and working in Prague (Czech Republic). Dan founded his flagship business, StudioPrague, which includes a dedicated production company that has received international recognition and offers private, high-end workshops. Dan has had the pleasure of photographing some of the world’s most beautiful female nude models and he always strives to capture that “bold sexy moment”, both in the studio and on location. StudioPrague continues in 2013 with its latest innovation, BLOG+, an online learning environment dedicated to help train and mentor other photography enthusiasts in Sexy Women Photography. Aside from his own creations, Dan is an internationally published photographer and his work has been featured – among others – in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, GoodLight Magazine, MUZE Magazine, FOTOdigital, FotoTV Germany.

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