The Creative Image Ebook With 10 Projects by Andrew Gibson

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Sold By: Andrew Gibson

Boost your creativity and take truly inspirational photos. Learn from Andrew Gibson

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Andrew Gibson is a professional photographer from the UK. He also writes and edits for EOS magazine, one of the most popular photography magazines in the UK. Besides being excellent at photography, Gibson is also a passionate teacher; he often writes tutorials and books for photographers on sites such as PhotoTuts+ and Peachpit, and has a selection of several photography books on Craft and Vision.

You’ve probably experienced the painful plateau when you just can’t seem to improve your photography. Your photos have gotten stale. You can’t seem to find inspiration. Every photographer experiences this at some point in their lives, and that’s why Gibson put together a book that will help you become more creative.

 The Creative Image: Ten projects you can try today to gain inspiration

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For photographers, it’s always challenging to find ideas and inspiration. While there are many books out there teaching you how to improve your photos, sometimes the information is too lengthy and overly complicated. Andrew Gibson simplifies things with The Creative Image. The book is short and concise, yet it is extremely informative and will help you immensely to improve your photos.

In the book, Andrew Gibson has outlined ten creative projects that you can replicate. If you try out each project, your photography skills will vastly improve. Within each project you’ll learn Gibson’s professional techniques and tips. Each project also includes links to wonderful examples that will help provide you inspiration in your next project.

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