20 Incredibly Realistic Charcoal Drawing & Sketching Effects

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Author: Pencil Pixels
amazing photoshop effects

Images Are Known To Say A Lot About The Photographer In Question.

A good image is made up of so many elements. A very important element of a good image comprises the right amazing photoshop effects. This can sometimes be quite difficult to achieve for some photographers.

Certain photographers have trained themselves on how to easily combine colors and shapes to create amazing concepts but find it hard to create a very good image.

This lack of ability to draw sometimes makes it impossible for these photographers to utilize certain opportunities they come across and create masterpiece photo. It becomes a challenge to them. This doesn’t have to be the situation with you.

This lack of ability to create the perfect image should not be the end of the world for such photographers. They still deserve the opportunity to create stunning images to showcase their skills.

In order to create these beautiful images, they need to utilize Photoshop effects.

amazing photoshop effects

But The Next Question Is How Do I Get Those Amazing Photoshop Effects?

amazing photoshop effects

The 20 Incredibly Realistic Charcoal Drawing & Sketching Effects is a collection of beautiful and realistic charcoal drawing and sketching effects that help to transform an ordinary picture into a masterpiece. These effects are versatile and can be applied to different applications.

These special effects can be applied to any image to give them those amazing photoshop effects. It will instantly transform the picture from just a random picture to something very special. You can say goodbye to those stereotype looking pictures.

It can be used with different types of images such as portraits and figure studies. Every amazing photoshop effect is designed to transform pictures into beautiful charcoal drawings utilizing different styles. These charcoal drawings can then be easily printed to produce artistic images, greeting cards or even uploaded to social media pages.

Have I caught your attention yet?

The usefulness of these effects makes it a one-stop location to get your bundles of different drawings and sketch styles. It is comprised of different features that make it a top choice to create beautiful charcoal effects.

The Ultimate Collection Of Drawing & Sketching Styles.

amazing photoshop effects
amazing photoshop effects
amazing photoshop effects
amazing photoshop effects

Let’s take a look at a few of the effects

Charcoal Drawing on Panel

amazing photoshop effects

Soft Charcoal on Rough Canvas

amazing photoshop effects

Charcoal on Cardboard

amazing photoshop effects

Wet Charcoal

amazing photoshop effects

Rough Charcoal Sketch

amazing photoshop effects

Charcoal on Rough Paper

amazing photoshop effects

Color Chalk Highlights

amazing photoshop effects

Tan Board Charcoal+Accents

amazing photoshop effects

Charcoal Pencil on Smooth Paper

amazing photoshop effects

Soft Charcoal Pencil

Color Chalk

Hard Charcoal Drawing

Stump Smooth Charcoal

Charcoal Stick

Blue Board Hard Charcoal+Accents

Gray Board Soft Charcoal+Accents

Soft Charcoal Drawing

Full Tonality Charcoal

Features & Tech Specs

  • Bundles of 20 different charcoal drawing and sketching effects
  • Applicable to Photoshop (versions: CS5 through Creative Cloud 2018) and Adobe Elements (versions: Versions 13 and 14)
  • Operating systems: Mac OS X and Windows
  • Can be used with different image types
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with Mac OS and Windows

How to use the Charcoal script

  • Open an image in Photoshop or Elements.
  • In Photoshop, you select the script through the drop-down Photoshop menu File >> Scripts >> Browse… and select the script from the folder you’ve stored it in.
  • In Elements, select ‘Expert Mode’ then select the script through the menu File >> Open (and in the dialog box select ‘Enable all documents’) then select the script from the folder you’ve stored it in. Select the script through the menu item, as above, or Drag the script onto the app’s icon.
  • A drop-down menu box will let you select a Charcoal style.
  • You can choose from 20 unique styles.
  • You can further customize the look of any of the art styles.
  • You also have the ability to increase or decrease the intensity of outlines, tones, density, and even color and texture.
  • Also, there is one additional dropdown selection in the menu ‘Output All 20 Charcoal Styles to JPG’. This will allow you to export your image with all 20 art styles as JPGs. It will create the art layers and then ask you to select or create a folder to store the sample images in. It will then output the JPG files the same size as the original image.

Generate artistic effects with just one click

Photographers looking to upgrade the quality of services they provide should seriously consider utilizing these effects.

It is quite easy to use and apply. It is beneficial to a lot of photographers because it can be used on both Photoshop and Adobe Elements. This is a deviation from other types of effects that are useful only on one application and for selected picture types.

They also do not require any special processes and parameters to produce the best results. The entire process has been simplified.

The different styles can be quickly and easily applied to the entire image. Once the effect is applied, it will take effect on all the layers in question and will change the entire image.

It is easy for photographers to make use of this wonderful tool. The different amazing photoshop effects we will open you up to a whole new level of opportunities and possibilities. Photography has just been simplified.

Grab These Incredible Effects Today!

13 reviews for 20 Incredibly Realistic Charcoal Drawing & Sketching Effects

  1. Gail

    Nic effects with the right photo. Easy and simple to use

  2. Vincent Antonielli – Photo Mode

    I was after some drawing/painting effects like this to offer clients who had had a portrait session. I mainly use the colour effects but all 20 just fantastic. Very glad I bought this.

  3. Pascal Boulanger

    Good product. I am happy to have this . Thank you very much.

  4. Tom Pickering

    I can usually find at least one of these actions to produce the results I’m looking for with any image. They’re also a good source of training on how these effects are produced.

  5. David Weiss

    Some nice effects depending on the image you start with. Lots of style options and very easy to use. Well worth the price.

  6. John Quinn

    Digital Photography allows almost perfect high resolution photos to be produced. These Photoshop Actions allow individual creativity and interpretation to also become part of the photographic process…without having to have an extensive background in digital image editing and manipulation. These actions put the PHun in Photoshop.

  7. Peter Brandi

    Ease of use, and giving a variety of choices. Plenty of playroom for the creativity

  8. Alan Jackson

    I am really impressed with this set of actions, they compliment my style of photography down to a T. Not sure which effect to use, then you are also able to produce 20 images using each of the effects on you base image, and it does it really quickly.

  9. Ron Kennedy

    I’ve used this charcoal drawing quite a bit now with great results, I would recommend it and it is easy to use.


    Easy to use, great detail and many different choices for your wonderful final outcome. Excellent effects package.

  11. Jorgen Cuyckens

    Easy to use, surprising results!
    While it is quite forward to use it gives some real expressive results.

  12. Jorgen Cuyckens

    Easy to use, surprising results !

  13. Nic Barlow

    I was pleasantly surprised how well these actions performed – they render a high detailed result (unlike many similar actions) – many different options to give a wide range of results. Very pleased with this set of charcoal/sketching actions.

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