Advanced Lighting Class for Beauty Portrait Photography


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Author: Damien Lovegrove

80 beauty portrait photography strategies revealed in 90 minutes.

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Are you missing the necessary steps to shooting a great portrait? Do you want to analyze how another photographer captured theirs? As a portrait & beauty photographer, understanding how lighting, composition, and expression all work together is something you – unsurprisingly – stress about.

But nobody cares about their own routines and methods until they’re stuck in a dead-end. If you want avoid that, you’ll have to understand what a published photographer has done right and figure all that you’re doing wrong. Sometimes, all you need to learn is the underlaying strategy another photographer used.

And that’s what you’ll get with this 1.5 hour masterclass. You’ll learn what strategies Damien Lovegrove used for 80 of his most popular portraits. It’s an instant breakdown of what he saw as he saw it and how he put his camera in the best position to express what he felt.

These videos will only show you the most necessary steps, the most useful insights, to shooting a successful portrait. You’ll reduce the mystery of a great portrait to its native parts and pick-and-choose which advice you want to implement on the field.

It’s like finding the puzzle piece you never knew you were missing. Sometimes the smallest discovery can yield the biggest reward. So if you want to identify the missing steps to creating a successful portrait, these videos are for you. It’s 80 beautiful portraits broken down to their elements, so you can capture your own.


What’s in the workshop? Why should I buy it?

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Filmed last year at the SWPP convention — a snazzy $250 per day event in the UK – Advanced Lighting and Composition in Portraits is two 720p videos, downloadable instantly. Part one is 47 minutes long. Part two is 43.

It’s two videos that explain which strategies Lovegrove used to capture 80 of his most popular portraits. You’ll learn what equipment he used, how he found his light, and what he did with his camera to achieve his shot in Portrait Photography.

My favorite insights are ones that came to Lovegrove when he made his own mistakes. You’ll learn, for example, why he prefers to keep a model from touching her face. (Hint: it’s about proportions.) Or why, on the other hand, he tries to construct angles through a model’s tilted eyes.

I couldn’t possibly write out all the tips Lovegrove throws out. There are many. So I’ll tell you something I learned instead. Before watching these videos, (you gotta remember I’m still learning) I would sometimes rely too heavily on focus to capture attention.

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As any photographer understands, blurring out what you don’t want the viewer to see is the quickest way to highlighting your subject in Portrait Photography. With these videos, I realized two more aspects I should incorporate more often. They are contrast and tone.

These two tools have made Lovegrove as popular as he is. He uses shadows, colors, or contrast, to create a pin-sharp focus on what he wants his viewer to notice. Imagine if you expanded your toolkit by two more tools, this is what happened to me.

So if you want to analyze how a published photographer creates his work, then this is for you. Here are 80 stories to capturing successful portraits.

Lighting Portrait Photography

To summarize:

  • 90 minute masterclass on Portrait Photography taught by Damien Lovegrove
  • Advanced discussion on strategies used on the field
  • Breakdown of equipment, direction, lighting, and camera technique
  • Two 720p videos, downloadable instantly


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