Lightning Fast Workflow with Action Runner 4.0

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Save time in your post-processing workflow with easy drag-and-drop batch action editing by Action Runner

Action Runner

You’ve finished taking your photos, but unfortunately, your work isn’t finished. You must sit in front of your computer for several more hours editing. For most photographers, editing is the least enjoyable and most time-consuming portion of their work.

However, if you use Photoshop actions while editing your photographs, then it will make your post-processing workflow a whole lot easier and faster. With it, you can batch process Photoshop actions to multiple photographs at lightning-fast speeds.

For a typical job you may have 5,000 photographs to edit. Probably 25-40 of those images you’ll want to edit carefully by hand, but what about the other 4,975? Run them through Action Runner and get them looking good without sacrificing days of your time.

Fast, easy, and fully-customizable drag and drop software

Easy drag and drop technology

1. Pick the photos you want to process.

2. Drag them onto the action you desire.

3. Choose where you want to save your files.

4. Click RUN! and your pictures start editing themselves.

Watch the video on the left for a demo of how it works.

Customizable tabs and pre-loaded actions

Action Runner comes pre-loaded with 15 of Jim Davis-Hick’s awesome Photoshop actions.

These are beautiful actions that Jim Davis-Hicks uses often in his own work, but I’m assuming that you want to run your own actions. Action Runner has custom tabs where you can load your own actions and batch process them onto your photographs.

Check out the video on the right to see how you can customize Action Runner with your own Photoshop actions.


Faster and Better than Batch Processing

Action Runner uses advanced technology to make the most of your computer’s processing power. Due to this, it’s actually faster than manually batch processing your photos.

Never again will you have to see if your first batch has finished so you can start the second batch and then the third batch and so on. Action Runner allows you to run as many actions as you desire on as many images as you desire all in one batch!

Save both time and money with Action Runner!


“ActionRunner is working great and I finished 3 sessions today all the while I was grilling steaks, cobbs, and potatoes…hanging out with the neighbours and playing with the kids…. Action Runner has made my life a lot grander.”
Jeannie Capellan Photography
“I CANNOT LIVE without my ActionRunner . . . honestly this is the greatest invention since the camera itself!”
Elle Zober


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