8 Ways to Accelerate Your Photography Skills E-book

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Accelerate your photography skills and start taking amazing images

Photography Skills

Some people believe that you need decades of experience to get as good as the “professionals.” Luckily that’s not true. There is a way to accelerate your learning curve and Photography Skills,  Anne McKinnell will teach you how.

In 4 years, Anne went from buying her first DSLR to becoming a full-time Nomadic photographer. She gave up her “stable” job as a software developer to pursue her dream as a photographer. In this short time, she’s become so good that she’s written several highly-praised e-books on photography.

In 8 Ways to Accelerate Your Photography, Anne has outlined 8 different core areas that will help you improve your skills in the shortest time possible.

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Course Highlights:

  • Understand the most useful camera settings and when to use them
  • Make compelling photographs that are more than snapshots
  • Turn your photography into fine art with post processing
  • Let the quality of light show you what kind of images to make
  • Find your niche, your unique strengths and style
  • Create a killer portfolio that gets attention
  • Get your photography on the web and build your audience
  • Make money as a photographer

This substantial sized Photography Skills eBook contains over 17,000 words, 88 full page spreads (176 pages if it were printed) and 84 images.

“I wish that ebooks of this quality had been available when I started nature photography over 30 years ago… I would highly recommend this quick, well-illustrated read.”
Jim Lee
“I am always on the look out for quality reads that will not only inform the reader but inspire them as well. I think you’ve achieved both those things.”
Edith Levy


About the Author: Anne McKinnell

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Anne McKinnell is a photographer and writer with many years of experience as a photographer. Recently, she decided to to hit the open road in an RV, taking as many photos as she could along the way. Now she lives the life of a nomad, photographing the beauty in this world.

Her e-books teach what she’s learned over decades of experience. For more, visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and increase your Photography Skills

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