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Get The Best Cloud Storage For A Lifetime With Zoolz


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When I was starting out as a photographer, I was never inclined to take up cloud storage.

But once my RAW photos crossed a thousand mark I knew it was time.

Whenever a client demanded a particular file, while I was on a shoot, I had to tell them to wait for a day or two. As I kept my backup files on my external drive back at my office. And it would make me appear unprofessional.

Plus as all the files were on external drives or on the computer, there was always a threat of either loss of data or data theft.

best cloud storage

But now everything is sorted.

Zoolz the best cloud storage offered a PERFECT solution to all my problems-

  1. Accessibility
  2. Ease of use
  3. Security

Zoolz offers photographers an excellent, extremely affordable best cloud storage solution for secure & reliable lifetime backup of photo archives and other data.

best cloud storage

What All Can I do With Zoolz?

Data Transfer

best cloud storage

You can select your files manually – add folders or individual files.

External hard drives can be backed up as well.

Creating Backup for files

best cloud storage

Zoolz comes with automated features like backup scheduling, backup throttling, exclude file extensions and more.

File Restoration

best cloud storage

Zoolz allows you to retrieve your files from the “Cold Storage”.

You can access your rescued data in the folder that you’ve selected previously (it can also be an external hard drive).

Remote Web Access

best cloud storage

With Zoolz you can access your files from anywhere. You don’t even need a computer to do it.

You just have to login to the browser with your credentials and you can access your files and even download them.

Mobile App Access

best cloud storage

Zoolz the best cloud storage is available for all Android and iOS users and they have the liberty to access and share the files via the app.

The feature allows you to send larger archives to clients without the need of large email attachments.

File Security

best cloud storage

Zoolz work on high-security standards. Your data in encrypted in your machine before it is sent to the cloud. The Data encrypted with military-grade 256-AES encryption

Watch the Trailer To Know More About The Best Cloud Storage

Zoolz Features

  • Automatic: Cold storage files are backed up with the rest of your files instantly
  • Easy data Selection: Use Smart Selection, add files and folders to Cold Storage and Zoolz the best cloud storage will do the rest
  • Lifetime Storage: Store all your retired media without additional costs and Zoolz will store them forever
  • On-premises replacement: Replace your prone to corruption externals, tapes, SANs and NASs
  • Fast and Easy deployment via Active Directory, Email invites, or CSV import
  • Configure backups and add permissions remotely with Policies
  • Fully featured product with backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention, and more
  • Incremental: After the first backup, only new and changed files will be backed up
  • Block Level Backup: Backs up only block changes of large files such as Outlook PST
  • Preview thumbnails of your photos and RAW images
  • Durable and reliable: Your data will be stored redundantly over multiple facilities and on multiple devices in each facility
  • Deduplication technology: Files are compared against 3 levels of deduplication; machine, company, and global, before being processed to avoid re-uploading duplicated files

What People Say About Zoolz

After my hard drive crashed – I was devastated. I lost all my files! A quick Google search took me to Zoolz. I was impressed with how easy it was to sign up and store my files. Brett Paterson


As a business owner, it’s vital to have a solution that is cost-effective and provides a business value. Zoolz does both – exceptionally. Peter Gauld


I would recommend Zoolz to businesses that need a better data management tool. One thing I like was the auditing controls. I found the experience seamless. I felt confident that my data was safe. Vickki Johnson


I had no clue what OCR meant before using Zoolz. I now use it every day. Thanks, guys! Martina Stewart


Initially, I was hesitant about using a cloud service. But after spending so much money on hard drives that died a horrible death. I decided to take the plunge. I especially like the eDiscovery tool. David Weder


Before using Zoolz, I was wasting hours every day trying to organize my files. Special thanks to the team for helping me get set up. Now I run all my own policies and backups. Jen Bryne


After my hard drive crashed – I was devastated. I lost all my files! A quick Google search took me to Zoolz. I was impressed with how easy it was to sign up and store my files. Brett Paterson


I’ve tried a number of online backup solutions, but none have come close to delivering as Zoolz has. It’s easy to use, even for a newbie like me and their support team are always on hand. Jonathan Williams

What Do You Get With This Deal?

3TB Cloud Storage Plan For $75

  • 3 TB Storage (LIFETIME Subscription)
  • 1.5 TB Instant storage and 1.5TB Cold Storage
  • Two users
  • Quickly & easily select the files you want to store w/ Smart Selection
  • Retrieve Cold Stored files in approximately 3-5 hours, Instant Retrieval under Vaults
  • Enjoy great features: bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention & more
  • Preview thumbnails of images
  • Get reliability w/ data stored over multiple facilities & devices
  • Preview backed up data via Mobile App

2TB Cloud Storage Plan For $50

  • 2 TB Storage (LIFETIME Subscription)
  • 1 TB Instant storage & 1 TB Cold Storage
  • Two users
  • Unlimited external drives
  • Lifetime storage
  • Highly secure (Based on Amazon AWS)
  • Supports Windows and Mac
  • Innovative user experience
  • World’s first Cold Storage technology
  • Award-winning cloud backup

1TB Cloud Storage Plan For $39.99

  • 1 TB Storage (LIFETIME Subscription)
  • 500GB of cold storage and 500GB of instant storage
  • One user
  • 2 external drives
  • Lifetime storage
  • Highly secure (Based on Amazon AWS)
  • Supports Windows and Mac

Note: Cold storage is archival storage, meaning that it is meant for files that you rarely access because retrieval can take up to 3 hours to get. This is based on the Amazon Glacier system.

Instant Storage is a service where you can simply drag and drop files onto the drive and the files are instantly uploaded to your cloud storage space. You can access these files from any location or device.

Pay only once and secure the best cloud space for your photos for a LIFETIME!

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3 reviews for Get The Best Cloud Storage For A Lifetime With Zoolz

  1. 5 out of 5

    Easy to use interface on Zoolz pc software, i get a overview of remaining space and other stuff.
    I then select a folder to backup and it just does its work!
    Very easy and the software sits in the background and does its job!

  2. 5 out of 5

    An incredible special price for this quality service. I highly recommend.

  3. 4 out of 5

    Great deal !
    I can access my photos from anywhere !

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