WhaleTail “Studio” Flash Diffuser from Gary Fong


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Author: Robbie

Achieve beautiful lighting with a flash diffuser that adjusts to your needs

Flash Diffuser

The larger the diffuser, the softer the light. The WhaleTail is one of the largest on-camera flash diffusers available, but also one of the most versatile.

The WhaleTail has multiple flaps that you can adjust in order to direct light wherever you want. Bounce it off walls, bounce it off the ceiling, or use the flaps to direct the light right at your model.

Simply attach the WhaleTail straight to the top of your flash. Unlike other large diffusers, the Gary Fong grip system is incredibly strong so that your diffuser will not fall off your flash.

This package includes the WhaleTail “Studio” (largest size) and white flaps. The WhaleTail fits most flash units with a tilting/bouncing head.

(Note: This product is only available in the United States.)


“Gary Fong WhaleTail produces soft wrap-around light, bouncing off of side and back walls and ceilings. When mounted on a flash head, this position gives a natural looking light from the above of the object you shoot and eliminates the red eye problem.”
Photo Tips Online
“The WhaleTail adds flexibility to the intensity and quality of light, both to the direct and the indirect bounced light. Nice! And you can do it with just the flipping up or down of the flaps in several combinations.”


See Gary Fong use the WhaleTail Flash Diffuser for a wedding



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