What to Do When You Can’t Shoot Outside: Wedding Edition


100+ pages on overcoming the worst case scenario

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Author: BP4U

You scheduled the shoot months in advance and now it’s raining . . .

Is there anything you can do? Want a solid Plan B?

With this ebook, you’ll learn how to shift gears and secure your shot no matter the situation

Some photographers thrive in chaos. Others prefer rhythm. Routine. A well thought-out workflow. Let’s be real. You rather prepare than improvise. Some of your best work comes when you’re working within your vision — but then, out of nowhere, something happens.

Equipment breaks. Or it gets too windy or too hot. Or it starts pouring on the day you were supposed to shoot outside. Maybe even the restaurant you booked is giving you a hard time for no reason. You get it. You’ve been here before. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

What you want to learn is what to do next.

Do you fold up and quit, or do you find another plan of attack?

How do you shift gears and work with circumstances you didn’t plan? You know yourself. How are you going to work inside when you really love natural light?

That’s why I wanted to share with you this incredible and, let’s face it, unique ebook and posing guide for a professional wedding photographer. Nearly every photographer has wondered the same questions, but BP4U is one of the few sites to actually put something down to paper and try to solve it.

professional wedding photographer

What to Do When You Can’t Shoot Outside is an expertly written guide for thinking on your feet while everything around is going wrong. 

Unlike other ebooks, this one gives a professional wedding photographer practical advice for succeeding with last-minute lighting setups, poses, and composition.

It’s a guide to overcoming the worst case scenario, the nightmare that wakes you up in the middle of the night.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll get when you know you’ve prepared for the absolute worst.

Think of how freeing it will be to know that you’re good no matter what the world throws your way.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Tips for finding a backup, indoor location
  • Shooting outdoors during inclement weather
  • Shooting in hotels, cars, theaters, and malls
  • Shooting weddings at nearby indoor locations
  • Using what’s around you to find composition and light


Included in this ebook bundle are 127 posing cards to print out or store on your phone so that as aprofessional wedding photographer you’re never without a perfect pose!

professional wedding photographer

What’s included in this bundle?

You’re going to get a 127-page ebook for natural light wedding and engagement photographers. Every piece of advice is tailored to suit the sessions and problems any professional wedding photographer would typically face.

The bundle also includes 127 digital posing cards. 82 for weddings and 45 for engagement sessions.

professional wedding photographer

Lessons include:

  • Rescheduling Due to Inclement Weather
  • Indoor Location Ideas
  • Tips for Finding the Natural Light
  • Shooting Indoors at a Church
  • Scouting Random, Nearby Indoor Locations
  • 5, 10, and 20-Minute Posing Workflows
  • Much more!

Want to learn how to improvise in crunch time?

You planned for beautiful, gorgeous light. It didn’t happen. Want to learn how to overcome this?


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