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1000 Dreamy Wedding Photo Overlays Bundle

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Create Timeless Pieces For Your Clients


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Wedding photos are all about perfection – the perfect dress, the perfect bouquet, the perfect smile, and the perfect kiss. All the magic of one day seen through the eyes of a wedding photographer becomes, in time, a family heirloom and an eternal symbol of love. And this bundle is here to help you spread fairy dust on photos and make all that magic last forever!

What’s in it for you with this wedding overlays bundle?

1000 wedding overlays! 1000, you hear me? There’s so much room to play that you will never get bored with this bundle, no matter how many photos you take or how skilled you are.


Divided into 27 different categories including bokeh, flare, watercolor, text, and many more, this bundle is meant to turn any bride and groom portrait or wedding moment into an unforgettably beautiful memory.

wedding overlays bokeh

What does the bundle include?

It’s high time we revealed the magic behind these amazing wedding overlays! There are 27 categories included in this 1000 wedding photo overlays bundle:

  • 80 Magic Overlays
  • 50 Bokeh Overlays
  • 50 Flare & Haze Overlays
  • 50 Floral Art Overlays
  • 50 Lace Overlays
  • 50 Light Leak Overlays
  • 50 Sunburst Overlays
  • 45 Watercolor Overlays
  • 40 Text Overlays
  • 35 Vintage Grunge Overlays
  • 20 Confetti Overlays
  • 40 Flower Overlays
  • 25 Focus Overlays
  • 50 Gradient Overlays
  • 20 Love Bubble Overlays
  • 26 Magic Sand Dust Overlays
  • 15 Neon Satin Overlays
  • 25 Passion Lights& Glow Overlays
  • 25 Rainbow Overlays
  • 35 Romantic Brush Strokes
  • 20 Romantic Cloud Overlays
  • 35 Shadow Overlays
  • 25 Sky Overlays
  • 25 Sparkler Overlays
  • 30 Water Drop Overlays
  • 50 Wave Overlays
  • 35 Frames Overlays
wedding overlays flare haze

Most Loved Categories:

80 Magic Overlays

This category is all about making magic happen! When can you use it? To frame that fairylike first kiss as husband and wife, which deserves to be remembered as remarkable. Add some stardust or heavenly light and that photo will definitely end up on their living room table for everyone to see!

wedding overlays magic
wedding overlays watercolor elements

45 Watercolor Overlays

If you love color play, this will become your favorite category! Artistic and inspiring, these overlays are one of a kind. Forget all about traditional wedding photography! This category was created for the modern souls who are not afraid to stand out by adding extra color. Try it out and you will revolutionize the world of wedding photography!  

40 Text Overlays

This is a special category because it gives you two great opportunities. With it, you can add matching quotes to magical moments to impress the newlyweds, but also create stunning Social Media content to post on your wedding photographer profiles or website banners.

wedding overlays text overlays
wedding overlays vintage grunge

35 Vintage Grunge Overlays

This one is for all the nostalgic ones out there, who want to be able to see their wedding day as a moment engraved in time. Your wedding photos will depict a faraway past that has passed the test of time and stands strong years and decades later, just like unconditional love.

Other Categories Include

Confetti Overlays

wedding overlays confetti

Flower Overlays

wedding overlays flowers

Focus Overlays

wedding overlays focus

Frames Overlays

wedding overlays frames

Gradient Overlays

wedding overlays gradients

Love Bubble Overlays

wedding overlays love bubbles

Magic Sand Dust Overlays

wedding overlays magic sand

Neon Satin Overlays

wedding overlays neon satin

Passion Lights & Glow Overlays

wedding overlays passion lights

Rainbow Overlays

wedding overlays rainbow

Romantic Brush Strokes

wedding overlays romantic brushes

Romantic Cloud Overlays

wedding overlays romantic clouds

Shadow Overlays

wedding overlays shadows

Sky Overlays

wedding overlays sky

Sparkler Overlays

wedding overlays sparkler

Water Drop Overlays

wedding overlays water drops

Wave Overlays

wedding overlays waves

Software Compatibility

These wedding overlays match with any software that allows you to work with layers. Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, PicMonkey, Gimp, and many others. You name it!


Yup! This 1000 Dreamy Wedding Photo Overlays Bundle comes with an extended commercial license. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects for the rest of your life! 

Who should buy the bundle?

The bundle is meant to up the game of an amateur, whose photos will never look the same again; they will impress even the pickiest brides with their magic. Professionals will love it as well, as this bundle comes with limitless possibilities, ready to be combined with imagination and creativity.

How much does the bundle cost?

This is the perfect moment for you to get the dreamy bundle! Why? It has come down to ONLY $29 from $299. That’s a total of $270 you get to keep in your pocket to buy other photography software or gear!

wedding overlays sunburst
wedding overlays floral art

Have you fallen in love? Say YES to this wedding photo overlays bundle and it will be yours to cherish forever and ever and ever! You will never regret having bonded with this bundle and will in this way enjoy being able to turn any wedding photo into an unforgettable memory!

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4 reviews for 1000 Dreamy Wedding Photo Overlays Bundle

  1. 5 out of 5

    Loving these Dreamy Wedding Overlays … 1000 overlay bundle is awesome!

  2. 4 out of 5

    haven’t gone through every image yet, they look good for the most part, some images are not large files, I am not sure about the quality for large prints for these, but most of them are decent size pictures ready for large print.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Nice overlays, I have used some of them already, they can be used in very different types of photo, not only in wedding ones. And the help I have got from the support guy was super. Thank you!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Useful overlays, some of them quite spectacular, a lot of opportunities to apply them on different photo types.

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