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Author: Charlie Borland

Do you fall short on words when you see a beautiful landscape?

Do you ever wish to capture its serene beauty in your camera?

If you’re this person… You’re at the right place at the right time

Outdoor and Nature photography is something that cannot be taught. However, aspiring photographers always reach out to nature or wildlife for inspiration. And they usually need help when beginning with nature photography. After all, capturing the perfect moment in the best natural light from the right angle can be onerous. 

And to help you get started here’s a FREE digital nature photography webinar by Charlie Borland.

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In this digital nature photography webinar, Charlie Borland will share secrets and practical advice that he learned over the years being a nature and outdoor photographer.

He’ll talk about shooting and post production techniques that make his nature photos inspiring for others. Charlie Borland will talk about what goes into making a spellbinding nature photograph and how to come up with the perfect composition of colors, location, and natural lighting.

This event is entirely free to attend for all PhotoWhoa Folks

Ready to get one on one with nature?

Get fully prepared with this webinar on Nature Photography Tips.

If you’re not just a digital nature photography enthusiast and want to build your career in nature photography, here’s a special course by Charlie Borland

This course focuses on getting published as a professional nature photographer.

The course goes through all the aspects you need to learn to master nature photographer. It also teaches you how to earn money while doing what you love the most.

In 100+ lessons, spread over 13+ hours, you’ll learn both the art and science of being a pro. You’ll learn what, where, and how to photograph the places that will get you published. Plus, you’ll also learn how to set up your business and market it.


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9 reviews for FREE webinar on Outdoor & Nature Photography by Charlie Borland

  1. [email protected]

    Since I still consider myself new to the more technical aspects of post-production photography – such as Lightroom, Photoshop & Luminar, amongst others – the fact that PhotoWhoa offers so many products to make not only the process of improving pictures easier but, at least for me, the learning and exploration of the entire process…FUN!…I keep coming back and highly recommend it to other photographer – experienced and new to DSLRs and editing.
    Thanks to PhotoWhoa and all those that contribute to enlarge the entire spectrum of photography, videography and design!

  2. dervish images

    a great webinar, well worth it

  3. [email protected]

    Straight to the point, good tutorial! Thanks.

  4. [email protected]

    This was an invaluable tutorial. There were some great easy tips that I have since used and the results are great!! Thanks.

  5. [email protected]

    Thanks Photowhoa for free GUIDES!!

  6. Gene

    Thank you!

  7. John Griffin

    Very Good tutorial with good advice.

  8. Chris Morrison

    This is a valuable tutorial giving some very good advice.

  9. Ulrich Tutsch

    This is a nice tutorial, and it reminded me of things I forgot through the years. I still learned some new ideas.

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