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300+ Overlays | 50+ Flares | 4 Ps Actions & more

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Author: ArtistMef

What Makes A Mediocre Photograph Magical?

Visual effects, of course.

The right visual effects open up possibilities that we could only dream of before.

You can add a special glow using artistically placed lens flares.

You can create a surreal texture with glitch overlays.

You can even surround your subject with a snowstorm by using the right Photoshop action.

visual effect glitch

So much is possible now, and photographers are churning out more stunning results than they ever have before.

How can you compete? Part of it is talent and skill. But a big part of success is the tools you use.

And especially today, there’s no excuse for failing to take advantage of every tool you possibly can.

visual effect flare

But now for reality. Who has time to do that?

After all, there are so many brushes, overlays and actions available.

How do you know which ones are really worth your time?

And where can you find enough variety to fully satisfy your creative muse?


You yearn to have every visual effect you could possibly want easily available as if from a painter’s palette, simply awaiting your artistry to bring them to life.

Can you find variety and quality in the same product? Or is that too much to expect?

And of course, there are boring but very real budget concerns.

But you don’t have to compromise. We have the solution.


The Ultimate Visual Effect Package

This collection of high-quality visual effects includes:

  • 10 Optical Lens Flares Pack 1
  • 10 Optical Lens Flares Pack 2
  • 42 Lens Flare & Stars Photoshop Brushes
  • Sketch Art Photoshop Action
  • 50 Glitch Overlay Effects
  • 20 Snow Overlays
  • 20 Real Snow Overlays
  • Real Snow Photoshop Action
  • Stars & Flare Pack
  • 50 Lightning Photoshop Brushes
  • 250 Lightning Effect Overlays Vol. 1
  • Rain Photoshop Action (exclusive)
  • +Bonus Realistic Painting Photoshop Action
  • +Snow Photoshop Brushes
visual effect sketch

Check Out Some Category Images

visual effect snow
visual effect real snow
visual effect rain
visual effect glitch
visual effect sketch art
visual effect painting
visual effect flares 2
visual effect flares
visual effect lightning
visual effect lightning
visual effect snow 2
visual effect snow
visual effect lens flare
visual effect stars


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Procreate
  • Sketch Software
  • JPG, PNG, PSD, ABR, ATN, and PDF files
  • Mac & PC devices
visual effect painting

Some Before & After Sneak Peeks

visual effect b & a
visual effect b & a
visual effect b & a
visual effect b & a
visual effect b & a
visual effect b & a
visual effect b & a
visual effect b & a
visual effect b & a
visual effect snow

Take Your Photography To a Whole New Level

If the best you’ve been able to do with your photography has been mediocre, it’s time to change that!

And you can do so easily by purchasing this convenient bundle.

With over 400 stunning visual effects at your fingertips, you will never waste time searching for just the right effect for a photo again.

Basically you can take any photo, no matter how flat, bland or colorless, and make it look exactly as you envision.

Never again will you have to settle for anything less than bold, vibrant, eye-catching visual effects in every photo you take.

visual effect painting

And with so much variety easily available to you, you can rest assured that you’ll never be bored.

Besides variety with the effects themselves, there is also a great variety of tools to use.

No need to purchase separate bundles for brushes, overlays and actions. All three essential tools are right here. This allows you to combine multiple effects for a truly unique look.

If you ever wanted to stand out from the competition, this is your chance.

These effects are perfect for banners, websites, cards, flyers, illustrations, social media posts and just about anything else you can imagine. Not to mention, they’re also perfect for just having fun!


Download This Visual Effect Bundle To Transform Your Photography


Plus Price: $11.20

2 reviews for The Ultimate Visual Effect Bundle

  1. Angus MacKiggan

    Great set of overlays, actions and brushes.  Fantastic value for the price and looking forward to using them.

  2. Joe Paul

    Great set of actions brushes and overlays. Very useful.

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