Tiny Trigger off-camera flashes Set + Bonus Flash Mastery Guide

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Trigger your off-camera flashes dependably and affordably

Figuring out a way to trigger your off-camera flashes is a HUGE hassle.

Infrared flashes require line of sight to trigger dependably, and most 3rd-party flashes don’t have this functionality. You could shell out the big bucks for Pocket Wizards and Radio Popper triggers, but do you really want to spend well over $500 just to get started?

If you’re just starting to use off-camera flashes or you don’t require the advanced functionality of a Pocket Wizards, then Scott Robert Lim’s Tiny Triggers is just what you need. Small, simple, reliable, and affordable – Scott Robert Lim’s new Tiny Triggers will make it extremely easy and extremely affordable to work with multiple-flash lighting setups. Say goodbye to extra cords, trigger caddies, and bulky set-ups.

Even if you’re a pro with a great set of wireless triggers, why not pick-up these Tiny Triggers just in case? At only $149 (for a limited time), a set of these will make your life a lot easier when you need an emergency back-up.

These Tiny Triggers have been rigorously tested by professional photographers around the world, and they’ve garnered rave reviews. You’ll be setting off your flashes with these triggers at fraction of the price of Radio Poppers or Pocket Wizards.

tiny triggers Thumb_trigger_001 tiny triggers Thumb_trigger_002 tiny triggers Thumb_trigger_003 tiny triggers Thumb_trigger_004 tiny triggers Thumb_trigger_005

This set includes three receivers and one transmitter. Full details of this set are included below.


Tiny Trigger Set Full Technical Details

  • Receiver x 3
  • 23A – Transmitter
  • Power Source
  • AAA x2 – Receiver
  • Operating distance (open area) > 40-200 ft
  • Frequency Channels – 16
  • Sync Speed 1/360

This product comes with a limited one year USA Warranty. Compatible with ANY camera with a hot shoe or PC Sync and any hot shoe flash or any strobe with an input jack. Only functions with flashes in manual mode.

The color of the trigger sold in this set is black with red accents.

“What I like the most about the SR Triggers is that they are small, light, and fast… I have to be mobile and fast while still having powerful tools at my disposal to be flexible and adjust for the infinite scenarios that are encountered.”
Wm Eric Images
“As with all of my Speed Light Photography, Scott Robert Lim’s SRs Tiny Triggers are an essential tool for triggering the Speed Lights”
David Lloyd Photography


Bonus: An Interactive Guide to Mastering Flash Photography

tiny triggers Master_lighting_guide_book

As a special gift for purchasers of the Tiny Trigger set, Scott Robert Lim is throwing in a copy of his Interactive Guide to Mastering Flash Photography (95$ value).

There are a myriad of ways to create beautiful lighting for your shots. Why is flash the weapon of choice for Scott Robert Lim and millions of other photographers?

Flashes have been used for years to create and shape beautiful light. With flash photography you have the most control over your lighting. Instead of relying on external factors such as the sun, you can control your light to fit any situation. And who really wants to carry a bunch of heavy continuous studio lights when you’re shooting on-location.

tiny triggers Thumb_srl_image_001 tiny triggers Thumb_srl_image_002 tiny triggers Thumb_srl_image_003 tiny triggers Thumb_srl_image_004 tiny triggers off-camera flashes

However, mastering the flash is not an easy task. That’s why you need Scott Robert Lim’s Master Lighting Guide to Flash Photography. This isn’t just an e-book. This is an interactive guide filled with audio, external links, diagrams, and video. It is an incredibly in-depth guide that will make you better no matter your skill level.

As a special bonus you’ll be able to see footage of Lim on a live photo shoot, where you can see firsthand how he operates a professional photo shoot. You’ll also get the privilege of learning Lim’s best lighting and posing techniques.

This interactive guide contains:

tiny triggers Thumb_book_image_004

  • Help choosing the right lighting equipment
  • The 7 reasons why you should use your flashes
  • A complete, in-depth technical guide to using flashes on your DSLR
  • How Scott Robert Lim thinks about lighting on a photo shoot
  • Illustrated lighting diagrams to help you achieve beautiful results
  • Professional lighting setups with both single and multiple flashes
  • How to create dramatic, WOW lighting
tiny triggers Thumb_book_image_001 tiny triggers Thumb_book_image_002 tiny triggers Thumb_book_image_003

“Just bought it!! WOWZER CONGRATS SCOTT!!! I know this has been simmering for a while love the product .. and NO!! it’s worth wayyyyyyy more.. This is better than a book I recently bought… Used flash actually for most of my commercial jobs and head shots etc.. I love the flexibility and not having so much to carry around !”
Lyssa Dormeus
“A comprehensive guide in a world of information. For beginners and professionals alike this book has so much to offer! I love the quick links, if you don’t know something the information is literally at your fingertips. Scott is engaging and funny. Thank you so much!”
Cortney Bodnar
 Get you off-camera flashes and flash mastery guide today!


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