The Slanted Lens: Mastering Studio Strobe Lighting

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Professional commercial photographer Jay P. Morgan will teach you how to achieve beautiful Strobe Lighting

I’ve never watched an informational video that started off with a fight scene between pirates.

Jay P. Morgan (yes that’s his name) made this video as humorous as possible with his quirky and fun personality. If you want to learn anything, it’s a lot easier when the instructor is not boring.

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I am a flash user myself, so I was worried that this video wouldn’t be relevant to me. That’s not the case (flashes are considered “strobes” after all). At the beginning he actually recommends a TTL flash unit as one of the strobes to buy. The lighting instruction in this series will help you whether you use flashes or studio strobes.

(Disclaimer: He does use a studio strobe primarily throughout the video, but the Strobe lighting setups and other instruction is applicable to flash units as well)

What strobes and gear do you need?
Strobe Lighting

I’m actually looking to get some studio strobes myself, and if you’re in the same boat as me, you’re going to love this video. Jay recommends several different types of strobes and also discusses how to trigger and sync them. He goes in-depth on the pros and cons of different systems so you can make an informed decision.

For beginning strobists, Jay will also delve into the basics of strobe photography. Most important, he’ll teach you the “Exposure Triangle” – a crucial concept if you’re going to be a successful strobist.

Here’s one of the lighting setups you’ll be learning in this video

If you’re already more than a beginner at this point, there is plenty of information for the intermediate to advanced photographers. Jay discusses several different lighting modifiers and the differences between them. He does an amazing job of explaining the difference between each modifier, but more importantly he SHOWS you how each modifier changes the light on a real live model.

What I liked most about this video was the Strobe lighting setups. Jay not only shows you his lighting setups, but he also goes in-depth about why that particular lighting setup is effective and when the setup should be used.

You’ll get to see how Jay lit this model

Here’s a breakdown of what you’re going to get with this video.

  • Several different lighting setups by Jay
  • Which lighting setup to use in what situation and why
  • Which strobes to buy to fit your style of shooting
  • A comprehensive comparison of several different lighting modifiers
  • The Exposure Triangle – how to achieve correct exposure every time
  • How to shoot with only one light
  • and a whole lot more with Strobe Lighting !



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