10 Mistakes That Are Common In Photography & How to Fix Them


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Author: James Brandon

ten mistakes Common Photography Mistakes

Learn how to spot, fix and avoid the ten mistakes of photography many photographers make.

Have you ever finished processing a photograph and realized you forgot the dust spots? Or only realized your crooked horizon too late? How about chromatic aberrations?

Don’t know what a chromatic aberration is? Don’t know how to spot them? Don’t worry. They are simple to fix, they come from how your lens takes in light.

James Brandon thought up this video course after realizing some mistakes were so common they would show up everywhere. On facebook, on Google+, on websites, even in art galleries.

They were mistakes he made. They are mistakes you’ve probably made. They are some of the most common mistakes anybody will make.

But they are mistakes you can fix. You just need to know how to spot them.

In this video course, you’ll learn – step by step – how to see, correct, and avoid ten mistakes that are common in photography.

Ten Videos. Ten Great Lessons. Ten Mistakes you can fix today.

What’s that famous quote about insanity? Something about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result, right?

SO if you keep making the sa

ten mistakes 002

me mistakes, maybe it’s time to change how you deal with them.

That’s why you need James Brandon’s video course. You’ll get an in-depth breakdown of each mistake. And then you’ll learn the strategies to fix them. In Photoshop, in Lightroom and in the field.

For instance, flaws caused by your lens. There are many problems that can arise from the lens you use. You can get those bizarre chromatic aberrations I mentioned earlier. These are the weird discolorations at the edges of your frame.

Like the green in this:
ten mistakes Screenshot

Or even distortion. Lens distortion happens when you tilt your camera up or down. This causes the lens to make vertical lines converge and bend, shifting the natural state your eyes see.

Most photographers don’t realize these flaws until their photographs are blown up and shown large-scale. Then they are obvious. You don’t want that to happen unless it’s intentional, right?

Here’s a preview from the course about lens distortion:
If you liked that video, and I’m sure you did (James has a great speaking voice!). Remember there are 9 others that you’ll get.

But now onto the incredible ebook included in the video course.

ten mistakes 003

BONUS: 10 Tips to improving your photography TODAY.

ten mistakes Book_001While the video course was designed to help you correct mistakes. This ebook will help you improve upon your creativity.

You’ll get 10 ideas that’ll help boost your creativity. 10 really great ideas that you can implement today and avoid those 10 mistakes that are common in photography.

By today, I mean right now. Here, I’ll give you one.

We’ve all heard, “less is more” right? But how do you implement that philosophy exactly?

Reading through James’ ebook, I truly learned how to achieve more with less.

It comes from a simple creative exercise. Take the smallest SD card you own to the next shoot you do for fun. One with 512mb capacity or so.

Now, remember the film days. Those days were everything relied on analog magic!

Well, back then you could only shoot with as much film you brought with you. This forced you to consider – on top of camera settings – how much you were going to shoot. Stock ain’t cheap.

So now with only 512mb of storage, you’ll only get to shoot 50 or so images. You’ll be reduced to making sure each image matters.

Ingenious! With only 50 images to spare, your mind will automatically switch into creative overdrive. Because that’s what it’s meant to do. You’ll start to see in ways you haven’t before.

And that’s just one tip from one chapter out of 10. All you have to do is try.

What’s all included? What will I learn?

  • Learn how to spot, fix and avoid the most common photography mistakes photographers make with their images.
  • Receive step by step instructions as James walks through (in-depth) each mistake in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Avoid future frustration and embarrassment!
  • Watch the videos any time, at your leisure.
  • This is the BONUS version, which includes a copy of James’ ebook “Ten Mistakes That Will Improve Your Photography Today”



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