Thomas Leuthard’s Street Photography Video Course

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How to overcome your fear and capture the
decisive moment

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Does street photography require a special eye? Or is it a skill you develop? Does the idea of approaching a stranger on the street still make you anxious? If you love it and still have trouble improving, Thomas Leuthrad’s course will help you get better.

Like all his ebooks that we’ve sold before, Thomas Leauthrad’s video course gets to the heart of what it means to shoot a quality street photo. Running over 9 hours and including 45 lessons, Street Photography Course will go through every component needed for a street shoot.

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This course was designed to help you get over your fears through a rigorous study of its mechanics. You’ll learn that the anxiety you feel, the fear that you’re doing something wrong, comes from a lack of practice and preparation.

You’ll learn how to approach strangers on the street and learn how to keep your equipment from slowing you down. You’ll also learn how Thomas approaches his own shoots, and understand his work, and street photography in general, much more concretely.

If you want to able to follow your eye and have your camera become an extension of it, this is the perfect course and instructor to begin with. After watching it, street photography won’t seem as daunting. And you will have the preparation to seize its decisive moments.

What’s included? Why should I buy it?


You’re going to get 45 lessons that run for 9.5 hours. Made for both beginner and advanced level street photographers, the course will start with the most essential information — the law, the history, the equipment, the camera settings — and work up to advanced topics like seeing geometry in the city, using backgrounds to tell a story, and developing a personal style.

About Thomas Leuthard:

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Thomas Leuthard is a street photographer based in Switzerland. For 5 years, he has traveled to the big cities of this world to witness and document life on the street. He has written several ebooks and also teaches workshops about street photography. He put all his knowledge into the provided video trainings so that you don’t have to apply for one of his workshops.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this
Street Photography Course:

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  • What are the ethics of shooting in public?
  • How do I shoot a candid portrait? How about a city scene?
  • How do I approach people on the street? How do I get over my fear?
  • Which camera works best? Which settings?
  • What if I don’t see anything? Should I wait? How do I keep the motivation?

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Learn how to approach strangers on the street


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