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Take professional-level glamour photography with Michael Charles

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“There aren’t many activities that so perfectly blend creativity, moneymaking opportunities, and beautiful women.”

Michael Charles

Glamour photography is definitely not for everybody. But if you’ve ever wanted your photographs to match the quality of Maxim, Playboy, and other men’s publications, then Michael Charles’ e-book, Skin, will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Charles has been a professional glamour photographer for over two decades. His work has been published in countless men’s magazines and Internet websites. Learn from Charles’ decades of experience as he teaches you how to make your photos stand out in this competitive marketplace.

Whether you want to become a photographer for a top-selling men’s magazines or just improve your model photography skills, Skin will be invaluable for your career.

Skin: The Complete Guide to Glamour and Nude Photography


Skin is a complete guide to glamour photography that will help you in almost every aspect of the field. This e-book focuses on the more adult & erotic forms of glamour photography.

For the complete newbies, you will learn how to start your career in this genre of photography and learn basic techniques to make beautiful images. For the more experienced photographers, you will learn advanced techniques to make your photos look even better.

This is a long, comprehensive 50 chapter e-book with 65 illustrations. You will gain a ton of value from this e-book because it covers so many topics.


You will learn:

  • Where to find models to work with you
  • Methods to approach beautiful women for modeling
  • How to build great rapport with models you work with
  • Michael’s secrets for directing models
  • Shoot preparation techniques so you’ll get the maximum output from every photo shoot
  • How to use hot lights, studio flashes, and other lighting equipment in your glamour photography
  • Post-production techniques to make your images pop
  • How to make money as a glamour photographer
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“If I could have found a class in nude photography, I would have taken it. But in the end, I learned a lot more by reading ‘SKIN: The Complete Guide To Glamour & Nude Photography.’ It was like getting my own private course in photography. Now, meeting models and making money from my pictures all happens rather easily.”
Chris Thomas, customer
“SKIN” is written in a brisk style and includes dozens of stunningly provocative images. Every aspect of the field is covered: beginning & advanced techniques, necessary equipment, finding and directing models, moneymaking secrets, behind-the-scenes peeks, and much more. If you’re interested in glamour photography in today’s digital age, you’ll find “SKIN” to be an invaluable resource.”
Irv O. Neil, Writer and Editor


Bonus: Pics That Click Video and Quick-Start Guide


Along with the Skin e-book, you will receive two free bonuses: the Pics That Click video and The Quick-Start Guide to Making Money to Glamour & Nude Photography.

In the Pics That Click bonus video, you’ll see individual photographs taken by Michael Charles and hear his critique on why each photograph was successful. By learning from his examples, you’ll be able to easily understand what makes a photo stand out.

In the Quick-Start Guide to Making Money to Glamour & Nude Photography by Michael Charles, you’ll learn how to start making money with your photography. If you want to make a living off of glamour photography, then this guide will help you do it. It contains lists of agencies, publications, and websites that will commission you to take photos for them.


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