Portrait Photography Essentials DVD Bundle

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Learn Portrait Photography From a World-Class Photographer and Instructor

Shoot Smarter Will_crockett

In addition to being considered one of the country’s top photographers, imaging innovators, and producers, Will Crockett is the driving force that fuels some of the photography industry’s most engaging educational resources.

This bundle includes three of Will’s top selling instructional DVDs. Each DVD will focus on improving one aspect of your portrait & model photography. Will Crockett’s has a reputation as one of the world’s best photography instructors. When you purchase this DVD set, rest assured that your photography education is in good hands.

DVD #1 – Simple, Quick, and Profitable Portraits

Shoot Smarter Portrait Photography

World-class photographer Will Crockett takes you inside real shooting sessions to explore his pro-quality & super-speedy methods.

You’ll see twelve different real-client photo shoots in this 2+ hour DVD to show every detail of Will’s famous “Kill It and Bill It” photography techniques.

Watch Will as he shoots both indoors and outdoors with amazing control, precision, and confidence. You’ll learn to produce images that glow off the paper with very little Photoshop manipulation with Shoot Smarter.

Shoot Smarter Portrait_right

You will learn:

  • How to achieve Will Crockett’s “real-life” look with artificial lighting
  • Pro hair & make-up tech (bonus: how does a model change her clothes in a public park?)
  • How to use specific types of gear – softboxes, beauty dishes, portable lighting systems, light meters, and other gear
  • See exactly how Will shoots and poses his models – lighting setups, posing directions, and more
  • And more – visit Shop Shoot Smarter to see the entire contents of the course

(The following are actual screenshots from the DVD)

Shoot Smarter Thumb_portrait_001 Shoot Smarter Thumb_portrait_002 Shoot Smarter Thumb_portrait_003 Shoot Smarter Thumb_portrait_004 Shoot Smarter Thumb_portrait_005

DVD #2 – Limitless Lighting with Off-Camera Shoe Flash

Shoot Smarter Thumb_limitless_lighting

Most portrait photographers will end up using off-camera flash at some point in their lives. But flash photography raises a lot of questions. What flashes do I need? What light modifiers are the best? How do I trigger my off-camera flash?

This is the DVD that will make learning flash a whole lot easier.

You’ll learn all about flash photography as if you were a part of one of Will’s sold-out seminars. He’s truly knowledgeable about flash photography, and you’ll be taking beautiful photos in no time.

Shoot Smarter Limitless_lighting_right

You will learn:

  • What kind of flash do you need to take professional-level photography?
  • Why TTL just doesn’t cut it for “portrait-grade” photography
  • Will’s groundbreaking approach to over/under lighting
  • The best wireless triggers do you want to have to trigger your flashes
  • Gear choices and recommendations – from light stands to hot shoes to triggers
  • How Will works with a professional model

(The following are actual screenshots from the DVD)

Shoot Smarter Thumb_limitless_lighting_001 Shoot Smarter Thumb_limitless_lighting_002 Shoot Smarter Thumb_limitless_lighting_003 Shoot Smarter Thumb_limitless_lighting_004 Shoot Smarter Thumb_limitless_lighting_005

DVD #3 – Improve & Evolve Your Photographic Composition

Shoot Smarter Thumb_composition

Some people think that composition is like riding a bicycle. Once you learn it you can always do it. But if you want to take new & unique photos you must challenge yourself to try new techniques.

So how do you develop a better “eye” for framing and cropping photos?

By learning how the pros developed their compositional skill and style and then applying it to your way of using the shutter button, computer cropping tool, and final output decisions. That’s exactly what this DVD brings you. It’s time for your composition to flourish.

You will learn:

  • What is negative space and how you work with it?
  • How to think about lines when you look at composition
  • How composition is affected by the lens and camera you choose?
  • Examples of unique compositions by pro photographers with explanations
  • How even clothing can affect composition

(The following are actual screenshots from the DVD)

Shoot Smarter Thumb_composition_001 Shoot Smarter Thumb_composition_002 Shoot Smarter Thumb_composition_003 Shoot Smarter Thumb_composition_004 Shoot Smarter Thumb_composition_005

If you want to improve your portrait photography, then look no further than this bundle of DVDs from Shop Shoot Smarter. With the help of these videos, you’ll easily be able to take your portrait photography to the next level. For a limited time, get all three DVDs at 50% off.


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