Shooting Magazine Glamour: Making Sexier Images


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Author: Jason Cole


If you’ve ever read a top men’s magazine, you’ve probably noticed the girls have the entire package.

A sexy face. A gorgeous body. Flawless hair. Sensual poses.

And while YES, those models inherently have a lot of great traits, a big part of the reason those girls look so HOT is because of the photographer.

Shooting Magazine Glamour is your comprehensive video workshop to learning about shooting magazine-quality.

You’ll learn every aspect that goes into photographing glamour models, from posing to lighting to post-processing.

Jason Cole, the creator of the video course, has photographed some of the world’s most popular glamour models. You’ll learn tricks that only industry insiders know by watching Jason use the same tricks in a live photoshoot.

Check out Behind The Scenes Action at Jason Cole’s Shoot

Behind the scene shot with beautiful women. Loads of real -world examples and lessons

With over 2 hours of HD quality content, you’ll learn the necessary artistic techniques, poses, and lighting setups that’ll immediately improve your glamour photography.

You’ll go behind the scenes during 4 professional glamour shoots and see how Jason Cole gets it done. You’ll see how he makes impactful creative decisions and gets the most out of his models.

You’ll learn how to design and execute a shoot from the ground up. You’ll know what gear to bring outdoors. What gear to keep inside. How to shoot in harsh midday light. And how to keep your operation running as smoothly as possible.

professional glamour photography - 2

What’s included in Shooting Glamour Magazine Cover?


  • More than 20 lectures about professional glamour photography
  • Over 2hrs of 720p HD quality video
  • Breakdowns of 4 Glamour shoots (including info camera settings, lenses, and gear)
  • Explanations of how to professionally communicate with your models (etiquette, guidelines, etc.)
  • How to shoot a cover shot and learn what to avoid
  • Creating portfolio building “double page spreads”
  • How to prepare your model and team before the shoot
  • Lighting backgrounds that match your model and location
  • Setting the main light and rim light and using a scrim
  • Posing your model and communicating your glamour directions

Ready to enter the professional warzone of Professional Glamour Photography?

Your shield is right here!


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