How to Create Award Winning Fine Art Photography

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Author: Sharon Tenenbaum
Fine Art Photography

What’s the secret behind your creative process? Do you wish Fine Art Photography was easier?

Think about how your best images were made. Were they a struggle? I know some of my best images had seemed like divine miracles. Yet I still made them. I wasn’t overthinking what was I doing or what settings I was using. There was no struggle.

The best, the most creative images feel like sudden epiphanies. It’s just you trusting the creative process. You were lost in the moment. And I wish I could tell you that we found an easy way to enter this state-of-mind every time. But we haven’t.

What we have found, however, is a video tutorial about understanding how to refine your creative vision into a far simpler and more efficient process. How to Create Award Winning Fine Art Photography is about learning how to make fine-art quality images more reliably.

With these 2+ hour videos, you’ll learn award-winning fine art photographer Sharon Tenenbaum’s own creative process and methods to producing critically-acclaimed work. You’ll learn her insights into what makes a fine photograph as well as get detailed guidance about using Photoshop to perfect these images.

At the end, you’ll acquire a creative framework made to help you produce great images every time you have a camera in your hands.

Fine Art Photography

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Preparation – Problem – Incubation – Insight – Evaluation – Elaboration

Fine Art Photography
Fine Art Photography

Part 1: The Creative Process

Have you reviewed a photo on your LCD screen and been amazed by what you shot? You knew in your gut that this image would be a keeper. Well, that ability to work unconsciously is what the creative method is about.

Most creative geniuses follow it, whether they know it or not. Now, I’m not saying you’re going to automatically become a genius once learning it, but I will say you’ll be better equipped to create images that go straight to the gut.

So, in this first part, you’ll learn what exactly the creative method is and learn how Tenenbaum adapts it to fine art photography. You’ll learn how to trust your creative intuition and understand how you can express it.

For example, you’ll learn why when out shooting you should pay attention to any recurring compositions. You’ll understand that this is an indication of something uncluttered by overthinking or forced expression. It’s your intuition speaking.

Basically, you’ll learn how to focus your unconscious intuition and how to streamline it to your workflow.

All the Photoshops skills you need for fine art photography

Part 2: Refining your Images

The second part of this video course is about refining your fine art images with the most useful and impactful tools in Photoshop. Because let’s face it. This isn’t photojournalism or doc work. This is fine art photography.

In order to complete your work, you’ll probably have to add a little something else to your images. You can’t get award-winning work without making selections, adding masks, and putting in some adjustment layers.

In these 3 videos, you’ll see 3 separate award-winning images were completed in Photoshop from import to export. You’ll learn all Tenenbaum’s techniques and get step-by-step emulation of her workflow.

You’ll learn how she tames Photoshop into doing exactly what she wants, exactly when she wants it. After it, you won’t be able to say that Photoshop’s holding you back anymore.

Fine Art Photography
Fine Art Photography

So that’s great, but what’s all included?

  • 2+ hours about reliably creating award-winning fine art images
  • An extensive study of Tenenbaum’s creative method and post-processing techniques
  • Learn how to control your “mindflow” and streamline your vision
  • Penetrating look into how critically-acclaimed work is produced

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4 reviews for How to Create Award Winning Fine Art Photography

  1. Pankaj Anand

    I wouldn’t be so liberal in rating unless it was meant for Sharon. She is the best long exposure fine art photographer/instructor in the genre that I have come across. Very descriptive, and very relevant course, yet no-nonsense. Attending one of her workshops in person is a dream I am closely working on.

  2. Kent Costin

    Very informative course from composition to post production. Very well done with several in-depth examples and explanations.

  3. Kent Costin

    It is a very informative course from composition to post production. Very well done using numerous examples.

  4. Russell G Hunt

    Very informative. She packs a lot of information into her videos. She explains her thought process and methods to get a truly excellent image. Well worth reviewing.

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