Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park

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A landscape photographer’s guide to the park’s most photogenic locations

Sold By: Erik Stensland

Get GPS directions to 30+ breathtaking views.

Insider knowledge that gets you there first.

Don’t want to waste a trip to one of the most photogenic places on Earth?

If you’re a landscape photographer, you’ve probably been planning a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park forever now. But do you know where you’re going to go once you’re there?

Erik Stensland has been shooting the park for over ten years now. In that time, he’s gone up and down the park looking for the best locations to shoot best landscape photography.

He’s also made a career selling photographs that nobody else makes of the park. Knowing where to go is major reason why. (He’s also a genius, tbh. He wrote one of the finest ebooks on landscape photography that we’ve ever sold.)

And Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park is his guide to getting the most out of the park. You’ll learn of 32 places that will increase your chances of shooting your best landscape photograph ever, plus technical and gear tips to make sure you got it.

And right now, you’ll get the guide for a limited-time promotion of $8.

Check Out Erik’s Amazing Clicks of the Rocky Mountain National Park

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What’s included in the ebook?

Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park is an 82-page ebook that directs you to 32 pristine locations to explore. The idea is to pinpoint you to the most spectacular views the park has to offer. It’s the perfect guide to help you photograph it.

  • You’ll get GPS directions alongside helpful wildlife and safety tips.
  • You’ll learn where to go and how to stay safe
  • You’ll also get guidance on making the shot.
  • You’ll learn how Erik approaches composition and other technical aspects.

Being in the park is a golden opportunity. After reading this ebook, you’ll feel more confident knowing that you’re at the best location, at the best time, with the right gear.

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Want to make sure you leave the Rocky Mountains with a spectacular photo?

Put yourself in the best location for best landscape photography. Feel confident that you’re shooting the most scenic views.


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