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Learn Verosky’s techniques to capture gorgeous, sensual¬†Boudoir Photography with flash lighting

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Photographer Ed Verosky is one of the best professional photographers from New York City, and his specialty is boudoir photography. With his guidance, you will learn the techniques to take beautiful boudoir photos while also learning the ins and outs of the competitive boudoir photography industry.

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In this e-book package, you will receive two of Verosky’s best instructional e-books, Boudoir Photography, and 100% Reliable Flash Photography. The first book, Boudoir Photography, teaches model posing techniques, Flash lighting tactics, and boudoir business marketing.

The second book, 100% Reliable Flash Photography, goes more in-depth with Flash Lighting techniques, and focuses on teaching you how to fully utilize your flashes. These two books complement each other nicely to help you with every aspect of taking boudoir photos as a professional.

Aspiring boudoir photographers, for a very limited time you have a chance to buy a bundle of both of Verosky’s books at 51% off.

Boudoir Photography: The Quick-Start Guide for Professional Photographers

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Wouldn’t you like to take pictures of beautiful women for a living?

Recently, boudoir photography has become one of the most lucrative photography fields because huge numbers of women desire sensual, intimate photographs taken of themselves. These photographs are then sent as gifts to their significant others, used as a self-esteem booster, or collected for a professional modeling portfolio.

Many photographers would love to be in the field of boudoir photography. However, it’s not easy because of the tough competition in this field and the sheer number of photographers who want to be boudoir photographers.

The good part is that most of these would-be boudoir photographers aren’t very skilled at all. With some proper training and practice, you can easily beat the competition. Using Verosky’s time-tested photography techniques, you will learn how to master the art of boudoir photography, stand out from other photographers, and make a successful name for yourself in the industry.

If you want to take photos of beautiful women for a living or even as a hobby, then this book is an incredibly valuable resource that will give you the tools you need to succeed.

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  • Why there is a high demand in boudoir photography
  • How to effectively market yourself as a boudoir photographer
  • Tips and tricks to find your model’s comfort zone
  • The right Flash Lighting for boudoir – hint: creating a fantasy
  • Easy setups for quick studio lighting
  • Posing techniques for successful images
  • Q&A with boudoir professionals such as Stacie Frazier and Robin Owen
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“This new book has it all, including advice from other professional boudoir photographers who were kind enough to share their working experience and tips.”
Boudoir Photography Poses
“No matter whether you are already shooting boudoir photography or if you just thinking about getting started this eBook should be of great value to you.”
Nude Photo Pro


100% Reliable Flash Photography

Offcamera-flash-photography-bookLighting is one of the most complicated but also most important aspects of photography. Most photographers spend years studying the art of Flash Lighting, and there’s always more to learn. So even though Boudoir Photography has a section on lighting, it’s just not enough information.

100% Reliable Flash Photography is a complete guide to lighting with flashes. The book introduces you to the basic camera controls and terms (like shutter speed and aperture), but then covers in-depth advanced lighting techniques used by professionals like Verosky.

This is a perfect complement to Boudoir Photography because while Boudoir Photography covers a great number of topics regarding boudoir in general, 100% Reliable Flash Photography focuses exclusively on lighting so you can receive a quality education on the topic.

“This book is a good resource for complete beginners and an equally useful guide for professional photographers.”
Advanced Photography
“All new (or even experienced) flash photographers, this COULD be the answer to all your prayers!”


In this book, you’ll learn about:

  • Basic tools and terminology used by the pros
  • Why Verosky uses flashes in manual mode
  • How to get the most of your indoor lighting
  • The challenges and techniques of outdoor lighting
  • How a good backstory can affect your lighting style
  • Simple lighting diagrams to teach you how Verosky shoots
  • Case studies to teach you by example

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